Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie Review - Thor

  1. I borong quite a bit of pirated DVDs during our trip, in Penang last 2 weeks
  2. Kids are quite clingy these days to leave them with atuk and nenek on weekends
  3. The kids favorite babysitter aka my cousin was busy with her exams that she couldn't sleepover on weekends
But, finally last weekends she finished her exam so she came by and of course mommy and Baba wouldn't miss the chance for a date night..ha..haaa....immediately went to buy the tickets..yippeee!!!!

But we didn't have much choice either because we have watched quite a number of new movies from our pirated copies so between Fast and Furious4 and Thor..we think Thor is a better bet!

True enough..it's not dissapointing at all..quite fun with quite a number of amusing scenes where actions and comedy are in it

It's about Thor, God of thunder , who go against his father wishes and caused his upset father banishes Thor from the kingdom (some other planet) and sends him to the earth.

It's where he met Jane (Natalie Portman). Disoriented on earth with unfamiliar surroundings it provides some very funny moments...so I find this movie very entertaining.

Plus...Thor is quite a hunk, I'm telling you especially when he's shirtless..hee..hee (hubby definitely will not approve this:))

Don't worry, this movie is decent enough if the kids wanna watch, decent than the fast n furious:))


zarin said...

i watched thor yesterday. tengok wayang ngan hubster gak..senyum sorang2 tengok hero hensem tuh... hadoiii i think im falling for him plak ahahaha :D

psst, baru tau mamat tu adik liam hemsworth..dulu tk kenal pun mamat ni

eh, i love fast5 too....

screamingmommy said...

ooo.. ye ke?? I know he's australian tapi tak tahu pulak adik Liam, yess..mmg falling la beb:) hee..hee

nice ye fast n furious? i've watched the previous3 so ingat this time mcm tak menarik..perhaps should find another pirated copy for that:)

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Chris Hemworth when he played George Kirk (James T Kirk's dad) in Star Trek.

I know he's gonna be big, true enough, he's THOR.

Ermayum said...

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my i watched kat cinema 2 kali you like zarin i am falling deep ngan chris tu hehehe

screamingmommy said...

Flowerella : agree beb, from now on I will not miss his movie :)

erma : haa..haaa..i know mmg hot gila thor tu:)


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