Thursday, May 5, 2011

One merciless man!!!

A friend who just got divorced brought her 3 little kids and a maid to Damansara Specialist for an appointment. One of her kids is a down syndrom, hence you can imagine it was quite chaotic and a constant battle to keep them calm...

According to my friend, her kids used to be quite behave until recently after she and the husband separated:(

To cut the story short, among the parents who were waiting for the peadiatrician was this so called gentleman with his son and a maid in a uniform..

every single time her kids started to fight with each other he will give a disgusted look as if this family is from a hutan or something...until one moment he was talking on the phone and one of the kids was trying to grab something from his brother...this guy stood up " hang on....isshhhhh bising lahhhh budak2 ni" so loud closed to screaming!

of course as a mother, this friend of mine was very hurt with that's not she's not trying to keep them quiet..all 3 aged 1 and 1/2 years to 3 yrs and a down syndrom's not easy...the gentleman on the other hand, only one son with a maid to keep an eye on his boy...of course it's managable handling just one.

From her story..I couldn't imagine "the gentleman" being a father himself doesn't have any mercy towards other kids let alone thinking about other parents feeling...such a merciless man!!!

why can't he tried putting himself in her position..perhaps god hasn't tested him yet... he feels taking care of kids is like training a dog..they will sit when u said so they run when u ask!!

So, Mr matter what is your social status if you can't respect other people's feeling you are actually just another uncivilized jerk...!!


aeshcame said...

that attitude is so unbelievable! but these kind of inhumane people do exist! even they have a kid or two, their self-centered mindset makes them think they own the earth to condemn others.. I truly see why u are mad at such an ugly behavior..

lil sharky said...

Gosh, what a horrible person!
Makes me really mad reading it.
How can you call yourself a father?
Budak kecik mana yang tak buat bising? It's in their nature to run around, make noise and be merry because they are kids.

working mom... said...

i think that is why he bring along his maid to handle his boy when himself cannot do other word, we can say..he's failed as a understand the children behavior is every father should do kan..??

screamingmommy said...

aeshcame, lil sharky , working mom : i sort of pity the wife for marrying such a jerk! if he could not respect other people's kids and others feeling, how do you think he treat his wife?*sigh*

nahiella said...

What a super jerk!!!


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