Monday, July 4, 2011

Feel Good on Sunday morning

I've thing for running... (but I have to confess...I'm such a weak and slow runner...who just have the passion)
I'll sign up for any runs that come my way..both hubby and I love running...somehow last KL run we both signed up very early...I signed up for my first 10KM and hubby signed up for his first half marathon 21KM..

I screwed up as I forgot the date (since we signed up wayyyyyy earlier...and I booked my yearly Bandung trip with my girlfriends on the same date...dannggg!!!) so I was trying to stop hubby from running his first 21KM as I was worried he will push himself so hard and if anything happened I wont be there for him..but Allah knows better he fell sick 2 weeks before the marathon and on antibiotic for 1 whole week and until the last few days before the marathon he's still feeling weak...yeyyyyy!!!!! for me as he decided not to run!

Thank god...I still have NTV7 Feel Good run last weekend sebagai pengubat lara for missing my first 10KM run...but this is only 7KM...but ok la kan? Better than nothing..we brought the kids to Sri Pentas as early as 6.40am, they were all excited to cheer for mommy and Baba.

I finished in 50mins for 7KM while hubby finished his in 35 mins. For me, 50 minutes is my best time for 7KM so far..and I have to thank hubby for giving me Powerbar energy tasted yucky...extremely sweet that you need to wash it off your throat with large amount of water...:(
This energy gel really pushed me to run non-stop for 50 minutes and I was trully amazed on the energy it gave me:)


Ermayum said...

memang i am in awe with you yg keep signing in running running ni :)

screamingmommy said...

Erma : haa..haaa I pun tak percaya I will turn out like this..considering how much I hate running once upon a time:)


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