Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Running is addictive

I could not believe myself saying this...running is addictive. I was never active in running..I dread running in school..just because I was tall and skinny (a.k.a KEDING) the seniors always forced me to take part representing our Home-team...and I hated it! as I became the clown of the day..never win any medal:(

Few decades later....in my pursuit to lose weight (which i would do anything as long as I can slim down) I fall in love with running!!!

I remembered when I started actively exercise years back...I dont quite like running..I went jogging but didnt quite enjoy it, but at that moment not much choices..joining a gym was considered luxury and it's only available in 5 star hotels... then Fitness First started in KLCC so I was among the first who signed up...from then I go to the gym 7 days a week...
Given choices of exercise, of-course I wont do running..instead joining classes such as Body Combat, Steps and cycling..I could joined classes back to back then, at least 2 hours a day after work and sometimes during lunch hour...(then I was younger and energetic, no kids to entertain at home:))

until my boyfriend then, (hubby now) thought I had someone at the gym that motivated me to go there everyday...as soon as we got married he asked me to stop:(

Few years away from gym was still ok as I walked to LRT station daily but as soon as I stopped walking after I changed job, I gained weight..10 kg to be exact...shocking huh?? then hubby was no longer reluctant letting me to go to the gym..(now you know huh???)

Since gaining my extra 10kg..I've been trying all sort of exercises..then I tried Running after being motivated by a friend, an avid runner...she runs daily before going to work...I was truly inspired by her and signed up for my first run Shape Night Run in 2009...then after that continue with Rat Race that year...in 2010, hubby got inspired by me and started running as well..so now having a companion, running is more fun than ever...!!

When I first started running..I actually walked..or brisk walking sort of...then of late my stamina improved which I can continously running 3 rounds at KLCC park..before, it was only in my dream..1 round continously running pun susah.....but again a friend told me..you will gradually improved...and yesss...after a while (my case, after 2 years) from 1 round..2 rounds and 3 rounds ..you just keep running especially after some times..you just get "high" and not feeling fatigue but to keep running..!
My case ni kira yang paling tak inpiring laa..sebab others can do what I can do now within months..but I took 2 years to reach my current level.

  1. Shape Night Run 2009 - 5KM
  2. Rat Race 2009 - 4KM
  3. Nike Run 2010 - 5KM
  4. Mizuno Run 2010- 5KM
  5. Malakoff Run 2010- 7KM
  6. Energizer Night Run 2011 -5KM
  7. NTV7 Feel Good Run 2011 - 7KM
The next Runs, which I have already registered :
  1. Olympic Run McDonald 2011- 7km
  2. Shape Night Run 2011 - 5KM
  3. Siemens Run 2011 - 10Km
  4. Adidas King Of The Road - 10KM
There are a few more runs, which we are considering, hubby's next run, he aimed for half marathon which is 21KM, for me I'm far off from that yet, I need to overcome my 10KM challenge first..don't know if I will ever have the courage for even half marathon, let alone full marathon:)
For you peeps who are considering running..do it, it's fun..with constant training...definitely can do it! At least for people who know me, they know if I can do it, anyone and anybody on this planet earth surely can run! as I should be the last person on earth who can actually run..hee..hee (that's how bad my reputation)

Mrs Cruise - my idol, she's a marathon addict


Joy said...

ohh.. i baru nk berjinak2 join run events..

screamingmommy said...

Joy : haaa..I think for you peanut je beb..looking at how u've been so active in doing exercise. All d best beb!

Anonymous said...

OMG beb, this is one helluva addiction... wish I have the same.. tapi I adelah malas.. pfftt

screamingmommy said...

Ms Betty Boop : beb..I've been in ur situation..unless u try..you wont know how far u can be, trust me:))

Ermayum said...

so inspiring lah babe
u sure anybody can? i berat ni buleh ke ? hehehe

screamingmommy said...

Erma : beb, u think I ni ringan ke beb? if ringan takde laa desperately exercising hee..hee..if I can u mesti boleh!!!

Moi! said...

Salam SM....first time leaving a comment here. Just nak tanya...in your quest to lose weight apart from the exercise do you use any slimming products ie herbal, shakes, milk, soya etc. I'm trying to lose the weight too but just don't think I can do it purely with exercise alone. Might take too long for me and don't want to waste anymore money on useless slimming products. Hope you can share your experience. Thks.

screamingmommy said...

Moi : hi moi! I tried a few but so far none is working for me, at the end I just gave up totally and only stick to my 21st herbal tea and my exercise routine...but in the process I also stop weighing myself daily..I only weigh once a month to avoid disappointment,..i j give myself a break from being too desperate to lose weight and enjoy my exercise instead, so far so good laa:)


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