Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Olympic Day Run

Had another run with hubby last Sunday. This time around a bit tough compared to NTV7 Feel Good Run, we had to run at the Bukit Tunku, the hilly area was really holding me up, I ended running 7 minutes more compared to the previous NTV7 run:(

I guess it also has to do with Powerbar gel which I didnt take this gave me less energy to keep pushing myself at the last the verdict..never leave my powerbar gel next time.

The next one is Shape night run on the 30th August..that one is just 5KM so I dont think much powerbar is needed:)

Until then..take care peeps!


Moi! said...

Hi thks for the input in the last post :) ni lagi sekali nak tanya, what is a powerbar gel? Is it something you eat or sapu to give you power? hehehe

screamingmommy said...

Moi : that gel is basically to keep u energized esp for long distance running or bila u have an intense exercise, dia gives u a spike of energy so blh laa lari lama:) u can check out my last entry on this


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