Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I love this pic, I feel like having ice-cream while sitting on the bench like this:)

I've been meaning to read this book for a very long time which is as soon as I know Julia Roberts is filming the movie. Until recently when the movie was out in the cinema, hubby bought it (I asked him to) to compensate me for not being able to watch it on the cinema

A few friends went to watch but unfortunately I couldnt join them for some reason, but a few of them giving good review and having watch "Behind the scenes" on the E! made me more determined to get a pirated copy.

Finally on Hari Raya Haji's eve I called my regular pirated DVD supplier and went to get it. Hubby was working, my kids followed nenek to the masjid for takbir raya... (I couldn't join them) so I took the opportunity to watch my long awaited DVD

i love her in saree

The scenes in Bali..really make me want to go!!

awwww...the hot James Franco:)

I think he resembles Gerard Butler:)

the resort in Ubud...damn nice!!

I must say I LOVED it!!! I know a lot of people find it boring and slow..but having read the book earlier I must say I look forward to see it materialized on a big screen.

If you read the book then you can expect the movie will be a bit slow..In fact when I posted on my FB status, more than half comments said the movie is boring

Basically, its about the author who just went through divorce, travel from Italy, India and Bali, the story is about her experience in those places, thanks to Julia for making the movie interesting...

I love the characters...even David (James Franco) which I dont quite like in the book turned out to be such a hottie..and I didnt know that Christine Hakim also acted in this movie as Wayan (I love her tie-dye t-shirt, i have the same exact design bought in Bali last year for RM10)

My friend who just went through divorce find the movie was interesting, in fact she cried during the movie as she said she can relate to the character.

Overall, i just think this movie is a good one to promote I watched it I regret for choosing Phuket instead of Bali for our yearly anniversary trip:(

I found out that the place where she stayed there is Ubud Hanging gardens and also four seasons in Jimbaran.

Ubud Hanging gardens...


Madam Tai Tai No More said...

I have to confess that although I lurve Julia Roberts, I was hard pressed to love this movie. I slept halfway through - yikes! Sorry Julia.

The movie doesn't really explain very well why she left James Franco to embark on her self-finding tour of the 3 countries. I don't think it is supposed to depict what a shallow and selfish person she is, right? I haven't read the book yet so I'm not sure the reason behind the breakup of her marriage (?).

I shall attempt to watch it again when my husband leaves next week. Probably when I'm not too tired, the movie will prove to be more interesting kot.

Lady of Leisure said...

one of the reason i love this movie sebab is because of bali la hehe.. i dok teringin lama dah nak ke sana hehe.. takpe dear, there s always next time, next honeymoon boleh ke bali kan.. :)

CiKaYu said...

i pun teringin sesangat nk pegi bali....the resort tu mengancam betul. cam nak pegi sekarang jeeeeeeee

ICA said...

SM - I belum tengok the movie yet as usual I am way behind in my movie-watching activity. But I love the fact that you boldly terang2 wrote that you're gonna get a pirated copy of the movie..hehehe soo funny!....way to gooo... Takde nak cover2 coz clearly they are charging us an arm and leg for the original copies, right...

working mom... said...

after read your comment, now i sudah tergedik2 mau ke Bali juga for our next year trip....hahahhaha

Anonymous said...

Hehehe beb, I beli buku dia way before the movie materialized. but since then, i'm stuck at errr... pages yg she talked to God... and haven't moved since.LOL...

But I haven't discounted the movie tho and would love to watch it someday... :)

screamingmommy said...

Madam Tai Tai : haa..haa a few friends told me they slept half way through the movie too..:)
The movie doesn't tell why she left James Franco which if you read the book, she was being difficult in the relationship, sort of lost, she would cry at night and made him find it difficult to deal with her. At then end he distant himself from her

As for divorcing the husband, she didnt tell it in details, which she said in the book, she will keep it to herself why she wants to leave her husband

I think if you don't read the book, you will find the movie boring:)
but if you read the book will find it well..boring too..haa..haa !! so it has to go hand in hand:))

Lady: beb, next honeymoon please go to Bali..I love the place, you can go spa (i know u love it)..if adventurous enough..u can even go white water rafting:)

CikAyu : yesss beb resort tu mmg mengancam, i pun teringin.. 1 night pun cukup laa...:)

Ica : haa..haa..nanti i kena saman pulak..but yess..i'm the avid supporter of pirated DVD ni..I even have my regular supplier, call je:)

WorkingMom : yesss...bukan u je..I pun sama..rasa nak pegi sgt2:)

Flowerella : beb, I baca few chapters..lps tu lompat2 nak cepat habis..then baru tgk baru continue balik baca lines by lines:))
perhaps u watched the movie first then baru continue baca ok?


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