Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loi krathong Festival in Patong Beach

Hard Rock Cafe has finally opened its outlet in Patong Beach. It's at the Marriot Courtyard. Not sure if they re-open after the renovation or what, but I didnt notice hard rock cafe during my last trip here

Coincidently, our trip to Phuket this year is the same week with their Loi Krathong festival, they had the Parade on our last day, and together with this festival, they had a night market along Bangla road.

Bangla road or Soi Bangla is famous with its go-g0 bars and you can spot the old mat salleh walking hand in hand with 'sweet young thing' surprisingly this time around, not so rampant compared to our last 2 visits couple of years ago eventhough we came around the time of the year.

There has been some talk of Patong becoming more of a destination for families, but with the bars and clubs at Soi Bangla still touting cheap sex, we’re unsure how true this claim is. There are less go-go bars along Bangla than in places such as Pattaya. What you’ll find are more beer bars and street walkers

One thing I noticed about their people, they are not judging other people, I guess mainly because their are Buddhist and the believe in reincarnation, if you say bad things to others you might be coming back to the next life becoming "them".. I think that could be one of the reason

The typical Bangla Road on normal days

the friendly Thai girls

Check out the accessories...you can go crazy with their selections and the price they offered

190 baht is equavalent to RM20

They're selling pancakes/crepes everywhere, but hard to find a muslim stall, I found this next Marrior courtyard, right in front of our hotel..I choose Pineapple with honey (it's actually roti canai with fillings)

These flowers are for the prayer I think

My favorite :)

This is the yummiest sticky rice mango I've ever tasted, been eating this every single nights when I was there

Thank god they have pasar malam, we even found this muslim stall selling yummy ayam goreng with nasi, mee and mihun goreng. The owner can even speak Malay

the lady is carving the soap, amazing! very artistic.

enjoy the pics peeps!!


Joy said...

happening nye kt sana!

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

It's been a while since I visited Phuket. I have a hate-love relationship with Thailand. Hate the sights of geriatric Mat Salleh men canoodling with girls young enough to be their cicit. Just hate it. Totally turn me off visiting Thailand.

But I love Thailand for its food. My fav dessert is undoubtedly the sticky rice and mango covered with sweet salty coconut milk. So yummy!

ICA said...

SM....i am going gaga over the sticky rice with mango pictures....terasa lapar daa. Bestnya...if I got the chance to go there, surely akan borong sakan.

screamingmommy said...

Joy : mmg happening beb..but not so appropriate to have kids with you there:)

Mdm Taitai : yes, I also feel the same, sometimes you see the old mat salleh with young boy, that's even more sickening:(
My husband loves going to Phuket because of the food, we would go to the same restaurant everyday while we're there.

Ica : sorry beb..kesian baby nanti kempunan:) I pun everyday 2 bungkus just for me alone..tak nak share dgn hubby:)

ERMAYUM said...

dah ke sampai ke Thailand ye :) manggo tu makes i ngilu u

Lady of Leisure said...

wow nampak happening betul ye... berpinau-pinau biji mata i tengok all the accessories tu.. hehe.. rambang mata..

Jabberholic said...

Babe, love all your photos! U're still there? Enjoy!!!!!

screamingmommy said...

Erma : yes beb..di Thailand

Lady : Betul beb..i pun some tu sbb byk tak perasan pun sampai dah tgk gambar baru noticed..nyesal tak rembat:)

Ms Jab: dah balik dah beb 3 full days je..I dont have many more annual leaves:)

ERMAYUM said...

kat atas tu naper tak leh click comment eh?
happy anniversary - i baru terfikir nak g bercintan2 ke phuket next yr heheh - lawa - eh beg tangan yang 3 orang tinggal eh? moga jodoh bahagia dunia akhirat aminnnnnnn

screamingmommy said...

Erma : comment box i tu tak tahu lah kenapa tak blh leave comments:) anyway mmg I left my handbag 3 tu..maklum kononnya anniversary trip..he..hee..! ok next yr nak pegi i can give tips mana nak get halal food kat sana challenging sikit sbb pork merata2:)

Drama Mama said...

omaigod! i want those accessories!


screamingmommy said...

Drama mama : haa..haa me too..in fact some of the nice one tu I tak perasan masa kat sana, balik tgk balik pics then rasa nyesal tak beli:)

Anonymous said...

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