Monday, November 8, 2010

Malacca trip

This is a week overdue entry..we had fun in Malacca while hubby's playing squash for Shah Alam club vs Malacca club.

I was lucky as we were looking for hotel to stay, I realized I still have my Priority Club's point which i can redeem, so at the end I only paid USD60/night.

Overall, the hotel was nice, they even have activities for the kids, enough to keep them occupied while you can take some time off for spa retreat:))

At night, we took the kids to River Cruise which my kids enjoying the rides and lights throughout the 45 mins journey. The fare's considered as very reasonable, RM10 for adult and RM5 for kid.

We even managed to have our usual weekend run before the kids woke up, I just love the view

the view from the dining area, they have quite a good spread with reasonable price of RM20++/pax if you choose to purchase at the reception, but if the last minute deals at the restaurant it will cost you RM38++/pax

The only setback is the location, eventhough it's just across the street from Mahkota Parade, it's separated by a busy main road which make it impossible to cross with kids, hence you have to drive to go to other side for night activities. Taking cab also a bit pricey in this town.

I think the most convenient location is Equatorial hotel, but I decided to stay at this hotel as I can save on the room rate using my redeemable points:)

You can also pamper yourself here :) The Tea Tree spa offered a reasonable price, last week they had a promotion price for mud-wrap spa treatment for RM98++ . But I choose medi & pedi spa instead as I do not have much time to spare, while I left the kids doing their sand art.


Lady of Leisure said...

hi dear... bestnya.. i pergi melaka selalunya sekerat jer sampai kat masjid tanah... tak pernah lagi explore melaka naik cruise semua, nampak best sangat2 and of course i tertarik sangat dengan spa tu hehe.. i should explore melaka lagi, melaka best kan..

Yat Maria said...

hello dear...

dah lama ai tak singgah melaka, previously singgah HI fully the end we all stay at a boutique peranakan hotel..lupa plak nama suka gak melaka nih..sbb tak terlalu 'sibuk' as compared to the other hot spots..err..kalo sekarag more sibuk tak taw lah..whats more with the strip mall..pahlawan..apa ke nama time ke sana harus ai try that spa.. :)

screamingmommy said...

Lady : haaiii melaka best cam promote kg mertua je..hee.hee:) anyway i pun sama, biasa asyik2 a famosa resort, so after more than 10 yrs ni lah kali pertama jejak banda hilir after sooo long, actually i tak sempat nak visit jonker street, sbb dah mlm sgt the kids dah penat.

Yat :dataran pahlawan kan? i hari tu ada jugak teringin stay kat boutique peranakan hotel..tapi yg I check tu takde pool so kena give in sbb kids nak swimming, kalau pegi without kids next time I nak try that hotel:)

ERMAYUM said...

ada cruise kat melaka eh taktau pun :)i for sure tak pernah sampai sini dari kecik a famosa jala:)

ERMAYUM said...

bdw hotel apa ni? u tak mention pun :)

JeM said...

I pun dah lama tak pergi Melaka...shud plan a weekend stay one day!


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