Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our 7th anniversary today

It's been 7yrs we are together, Alhamdulillah:)

I only have 1 day left from my annual leave..so we decided to go away for a short trip, and hubby vote for Phuket..so, off we went!

It's been our 3rd time here...partly because hubby loves the food there..so we keep coming back..in fact he said if Malaysia suddenly denied his citizenship, he would like to stay in Phuket for the sake of good food..haa..haaa!!

By the way, we rent a big bike while we were there, it was my first time "merempit" I'm telling you..I kumat kamit reciting all sort of doa..frankly speaking I memang gayat actually...but when hubby asked I told him I was fine...yea rright!!!

apart from that we went for Island hopping and get to eat the yummilicios halal food at Panyee Island (the island only served halal food, they dont even have beer or liquor served in their restaurant) This Island founded by a javanese some 100 yrs ago

anyway enjoy the pics:)

we went for canoeing in one of the island

Sempat squeeze time for our morning run at the gym, yess feeling guilty lepas makan tak ingat dunia:)

one of the island where we were dropped off to relax and swim


Jabberholic said...

Happy anniversary babe! Will be celebrating our 7th too this month ;) Nice pics. I can imagine you had a fab time there!

MommyCT said...

i just came back from langkawi and can't help myself but comparing it to phuket...and i like phuket better :)

screamingmommy said...

Ms Jab : u too on ur 7th yr?? congratulations in advance..:) time flies right?

MommyCT : u know what? i ni tak pernah g langkawi all my life, every time I asked my husband dia keep suggesting other places..kesian betul..tak merasa nak pegi langkawi..but I set target in 2011 i hv to set foot in langkawi..he..hee


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