Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our 7th anniversary today

It's been 7yrs we are together, Alhamdulillah:)

I only have 1 day left from my annual leave..so we decided to go away for a short trip, and hubby vote for Phuket..so, off we went!

It's been our 3rd time here...partly because hubby loves the food there..so we keep coming back..in fact he said if Malaysia suddenly denied his citizenship, he would like to stay in Phuket for the sake of good food..haa..haaa!!

By the way, we rent a big bike while we were there, it was my first time "merempit" I'm telling you..I kumat kamit reciting all sort of doa..frankly speaking I memang gayat actually...but when hubby asked I told him I was fine...yea rright!!!

apart from that we went for Island hopping and get to eat the yummilicios halal food at Panyee Island (the island only served halal food, they dont even have beer or liquor served in their restaurant) This Island founded by a javanese some 100 yrs ago

anyway enjoy the pics:)

we went for canoeing in one of the island

Sempat squeeze time for our morning run at the gym, yess feeling guilty lepas makan tak ingat dunia:)

one of the island where we were dropped off to relax and swim

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loi krathong Festival in Patong Beach

Hard Rock Cafe has finally opened its outlet in Patong Beach. It's at the Marriot Courtyard. Not sure if they re-open after the renovation or what, but I didnt notice hard rock cafe during my last trip here

Coincidently, our trip to Phuket this year is the same week with their Loi Krathong festival, they had the Parade on our last day, and together with this festival, they had a night market along Bangla road.

Bangla road or Soi Bangla is famous with its go-g0 bars and you can spot the old mat salleh walking hand in hand with 'sweet young thing' surprisingly this time around, not so rampant compared to our last 2 visits couple of years ago eventhough we came around the time of the year.

There has been some talk of Patong becoming more of a destination for families, but with the bars and clubs at Soi Bangla still touting cheap sex, we’re unsure how true this claim is. There are less go-go bars along Bangla than in places such as Pattaya. What you’ll find are more beer bars and street walkers

One thing I noticed about their people, they are not judging other people, I guess mainly because their are Buddhist and the believe in reincarnation, if you say bad things to others you might be coming back to the next life becoming "them".. I think that could be one of the reason

The typical Bangla Road on normal days

the friendly Thai girls

Check out the accessories...you can go crazy with their selections and the price they offered

190 baht is equavalent to RM20

They're selling pancakes/crepes everywhere, but hard to find a muslim stall, I found this next Marrior courtyard, right in front of our hotel..I choose Pineapple with honey (it's actually roti canai with fillings)

These flowers are for the prayer I think

My favorite :)

This is the yummiest sticky rice mango I've ever tasted, been eating this every single nights when I was there

Thank god they have pasar malam, we even found this muslim stall selling yummy ayam goreng with nasi, mee and mihun goreng. The owner can even speak Malay

the lady is carving the soap, amazing! very artistic.

enjoy the pics peeps!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eat Pray Love

I love this pic, I feel like having ice-cream while sitting on the bench like this:)

I've been meaning to read this book for a very long time which is as soon as I know Julia Roberts is filming the movie. Until recently when the movie was out in the cinema, hubby bought it (I asked him to) to compensate me for not being able to watch it on the cinema

A few friends went to watch but unfortunately I couldnt join them for some reason, but a few of them giving good review and having watch "Behind the scenes" on the E! made me more determined to get a pirated copy.

Finally on Hari Raya Haji's eve I called my regular pirated DVD supplier and went to get it. Hubby was working, my kids followed nenek to the masjid for takbir raya... (I couldn't join them) so I took the opportunity to watch my long awaited DVD

i love her in saree

The scenes in Bali..really make me want to go there..like..NOW!!

awwww...the hot James Franco:)

I think he resembles Gerard Butler:)

the resort in Ubud...damn nice!!

I must say I LOVED it!!! I know a lot of people find it boring and slow..but having read the book earlier I must say I look forward to see it materialized on a big screen.

If you read the book then you can expect the movie will be a bit slow..In fact when I posted on my FB status, more than half comments said the movie is boring

Basically, its about the author who just went through divorce, travel from Italy, India and Bali, the story is about her experience in those places, thanks to Julia for making the movie interesting...

I love the characters...even David (James Franco) which I dont quite like in the book turned out to be such a hottie..and I didnt know that Christine Hakim also acted in this movie as Wayan (I love her tie-dye t-shirt, i have the same exact design bought in Bali last year for RM10)

My friend who just went through divorce find the movie was interesting, in fact she cried during the movie as she said she can relate to the character.

Overall, i just think this movie is a good one to promote Bali..as I watched it I regret for choosing Phuket instead of Bali for our yearly anniversary trip:(

I found out that the place where she stayed there is Ubud Hanging gardens and also four seasons in Jimbaran.

Ubud Hanging gardens...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Review - Takers

Ok peeps in case you are planning for a movie night this weekend, and looking for an action movie, I think you can consider Takers.

I must say it's not superb..in my case I wanted to watch 'Life As We Know It' by Katherine Heigl And Josh Duhamel, but as expected hubby would opposed anything he dubbed as "gal's movie" so leaving me with no choice but "The man's movie"......to kill time on weekends it's not bad afterall, It could be better I think, with the casts like Chris Brown, Tip Harris, Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Idris Elba, Matt Dillon and Zoe Saldana.

The movie is about a group of highly professional bank robbers, the charitable villains who allocate some of the robbery money for donation and made you (the audiences) impossible to hate them, with cute faces like Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen and Chris Brown, it's even harder:)). which ended up I took their side against the cop, the cop is played by Matt Dillon

Check out their rides...! Hubby couldn't take his eyes off the black Range Rover!

And I almost forgot about Chris Brown and Rihanna's violent episode which ended up with battery charges and all..he definitely can act.

I'm not sure about you peeps, but I found myself confused between Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen, i think they look alike.. and I often find myself mixed up between the two, or it's just me? but both are good looking!!!:)

Zoe Saldana (from the Avatar) don't you think she resembles Jada Pinkett?

Overall, i give 3 stars out of 5

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

awwwwwwww...this is schwwweeeeeeeeett!!!

I'm one of their fans...hope this is not a super-imposed..or else I'll be devastated

fingers crossed that this is for real!!:)

errrkkkk peeps..these actually their honeymoon scenes in Breaking Dawn...darrrrnnn!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Malacca trip

This is a week overdue entry..we had fun in Malacca while hubby's playing squash for Shah Alam club vs Malacca club.

I was lucky as we were looking for hotel to stay, I realized I still have my Priority Club's point which i can redeem, so at the end I only paid USD60/night.

Overall, the hotel was nice, they even have activities for the kids, enough to keep them occupied while you can take some time off for spa retreat:))

At night, we took the kids to River Cruise which my kids enjoying the rides and lights throughout the 45 mins journey. The fare's considered as very reasonable, RM10 for adult and RM5 for kid.

We even managed to have our usual weekend run before the kids woke up, I just love the view

the view from the dining area, they have quite a good spread with reasonable price of RM20++/pax if you choose to purchase at the reception, but if the last minute deals at the restaurant it will cost you RM38++/pax

The only setback is the location, eventhough it's just across the street from Mahkota Parade, it's separated by a busy main road which make it impossible to cross with kids, hence you have to drive to go to other side for night activities. Taking cab also a bit pricey in this town.

I think the most convenient location is Equatorial hotel, but I decided to stay at this hotel as I can save on the room rate using my redeemable points:)

You can also pamper yourself here :) The Tea Tree spa offered a reasonable price, last week they had a promotion price for mud-wrap spa treatment for RM98++ . But I choose medi & pedi spa instead as I do not have much time to spare, while I left the kids doing their sand art.


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