Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Nightmare not the Night Race

Last saturday hubby and I went for Energizer Night Race in Sepang, the event was held in Sepang F1 circuit.

I've joined few runs so far, but this RUN, it's exceptionally BAD!! It was badly organized..
  • parking fee was charged RM10 (normally the organizser will provide free parking unless in KL area where the fee is normally very minimal)
  • The headlights were unattended and the runners had to pick it up from the boxes in a cramp area (which causing more traffic in that cramp tunnel), knowing Malaysian, any free stuffs unattended..definitely kena pow..then the late comers didnt get their headlights
  • Entry to race area, runners had to walk through a tunnel with no ventilations..(there were 10,000 of us!!) some were badly gasping for air
  • No proper signage of marking how many KM you have completed (those running for 21Km were clueless of how many rounds they had to continue)
  • for 11km and 5.5 KM only one water stations
  • Goodie bags were not ready the moment runners completed the run, (some had to queue for more than 1hour to get the cert, medals and goodie bag)
  • Not enough drinks, goodie bags etc
After more than 1 hour queuing up, runners started losing their patient and the chaos started, the organizer had to call the police and the MC was quite rude, through PA systems she called the people, the hooligans.. and made the crowd even angrier...dah laa lari penat..been treated like a begger...not enough refreshments

Half way through the officials left the venue leaving those running for 42 and some 21Km behind without prizing ceremony etc..

The organizer was really irresponsible, imagine those running for 42kms (a lot of them are foreigners) after 4-6 hours running came back to the finishing one is waiting for them, let alone the water and all..the worst part..they took the shuttle from KL central and the bus never showed 2-3 am in the morning stranded in Sepang? Lucky we Malaysian are quite helpful, some took the ride from strangers to go back to their hotel in KL.

I was very very lucky when I completed the run the queue was not that long, the chaos hasnt started (I just joined 5.5) I completed in 48 mins and hubby completed his 11KM in 58 mins, you can imagine I only ran halfway and brisk walking the other half while hubs ran all the way through.

The next run is KL run (Standard Chartered) for this time, I will join 10KM while hubby will go for half marathon the 21km.

until next time..take care peeps!

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