Tuesday, April 26, 2011

She wants to be a boy!!

Gone were the days she loves baju kurung and make-ups

"Baba...now panggil Ya, Aizat ok? jangan panggil Aryya!" I overheard her conversation with her Baba.
Now, I have problem everytime I try to dress her with dresses or skirts..knowing me how I can be a freak when dressing up my twins..even their pyjamas have to be same, sometimes my maid dressed them differently..I would ask her to change.

With her new obsession of being a boy..it make it even tougher for me, especially Aryyana is very much girly and loves skirts and dresses. She even asked me to change her school uniform to a boy's uniform.

She even refused to join ballet and choose Teakwando, instead.

She prefers dressing up like Baba these days:( no more mommy

I really hope this is just a phase of her life...now, sometimes even her twin (Aryyana) calls her Aizat when they are playing together


zarin said...

cutenya nk jadi mcm boy pulak ye... kejap je kot..pasni back to gegirl balik tu ;-)
anyway, she's so chomel in her baju kurung tu

screamingmommy said...

I hope so lah beb, actually worried takut sampai besar gitu:(

Jabberholic said...

So cutelah nak jadi boy pulak! This is sure just a phase ni ;)

sherry said...

so cuteeeeeeee...


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