Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hana Tajima's hijab style

click for larger image:)

I'm always in awe when I look at the hijab styled by hana Tajima (remember my earlier posting on her?)..I was curious to know how it's done and sometimes I will drop by other blog to check on this topic:) well..perhaps doesn't suit me now with 3 little "piranhas" definitely tercabut habis pin kena time diorang buat stunt *sigh*

My tudung style almost all the time, are the simple scarf tie-rack style since my university days until now...easier to wear even when u r in hurry, my problem with this complicated style is to re-do after prayer...malas betul!!

So I googled and wanna share with you peeps in case we are in the same boat..he..hee..check the video..perhaps one day I will be able to try this style.

Happy trying peeps!


JeM said...

Watched the video banyak kali but still not manage to wear like her! Hahaha....

I love her style too!

screamingmommy said...

beb, I think u can pull off this style nicely, u should keep trying hee..hee!


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