Friday, April 8, 2011

Spa anyone????

These days..I'm constantly on look out for cheap spa...thanks to all the good deals we have nowadays from dealmates or even milkdeal..and I love to share these with you peeps!!

check these out!! hurry before the deal is off...:)

Spa @ The sompoton Spa (Hotel istana or Novotel KLCC) for just RM88..!!!

Spa @ aman suria..yummy choc mask wrap!


Lady of Leisure said...

salam dear.. i tak kemana.. ada di rumah.. cuma not feelin well lately.. uwekk uwekk skit.. hehe.. will be back soon.. tq sebab drop by tanya khabar.. really appreciate it.. :)

screamingmommy said...

omg!!! it what I think it is?? congrats!!!! and i hope u r coping with it well..and back to blogging world very very soon ok?

Lady of Leisure said...

hehehe yea dear.. it is.. :D
im now experiencing the wonderful morning sickness, hope it tones down as soon as i hit second trimester.. tq again babe! :)


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