Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Ma!

Today is my mom's birthday..this entry is a tribute to my mother:)

She doesnt know I have a blog, none of my siblings aware of the existence my blog..I'll keep it that way..still, I want to wish her happy birhday here.

I'm one lucky daughter to have a mum like her, she loves cooking very much..we are growing up eating good food..thanks Ma:)

Even until now, she will be called to supervise kitchen when there's any kenduri in my area. She just love to share her skill..unfortunately according to my hubby I inherited 0% of her talent..huwaaaarggg that's so unfair!!!!!..while my sister has some % in terms of her cooking talent.

Another thing which I dont inherit from her is her effort to look good all the time for my father..when I grew up, I noticed..she's all the time in her lipstick, after shower and prayer I saw her immediately reach for her lipstick..

Now when she came to my house seeing me so "selekeh" at home..i'll get her lecture once in a while to remind me how we have to look good for our husband..bla..bla..bla..cook good food for the husband..again bla..bla..blaa...

She's adored by her kids, my nieces and nephew will always choose her over their other side of nenek..for them To'Ma is the best..I can see why, they are pampered and of course To'Ma prepared good food for them, she has 6 grandchildren and she make sure everyone will get their favorite dishes..

hmmmm..I wonder if I have cucu in future, what will I do to win them over my besan???? perhaps I will give them loads and loads of handbags...but...what if the other nenek is just like you peeps...the fashionista...darnnn..then I'm doomed:(

But, that's my mom....she's trying hard to make sure her kids have good life..and we thank her for that..I love you Ma...really, I couldnt imagine my life without you.

This year, I decided to give her, her favorite stuffs, make-ups..I bet she love it..her favorite make-up brand


Jabberholic said...

Awww..this is sweet..Happy birthday Auntie!

:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

happy birthday untie! :)

before i got married, my granma listed few dos n of it like u said "sentiasa berhias depan suami"...among others "always make ur bed soon after bgun tido", "how nasty u have fight with ur husband, dont leave him to sleep alone", n byk lagi laaaa...
some i manage to follow, but some to kelaut jugak...muahahhahaha

lina said...

happy birthday to ur lovely mom ya...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to ur mom ;)

Yummy Mummy said...

Oh your mum still looks young! Very impressed that she likes mam kena tunggu I makeupkan dia..she only knows how to put on lipstick heeee...Happy Birthday to your mum.

jEM said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely MOM :-)

Lady of Leisure said...

happy birthday to your Mom.. she s beautiful.. dan nampak keibuan.. i pun tiba2 got inspired la, lepas ni nak selalu nampak cantik in front of my husband.. :)

ERMAYUM said...

happy birthday Ma :)
may yr mother panjang umur sihat sokmo SM :D

Anonymous said...

HI Screaming Mommy,
blog hopping n landed here. Got an A Ha! moment bila baca about your entry on leica vs lumix camera coz I just went thru the same dilemma...

anyways, happy bday to your mom. will surely come back for more :)

screamingmommy said...

MsJab : thanks beb:)

Verde : thanks beb, I bet your grandma surely proud of you...her nasihat I guess almost 100% you've followed..agree with her those are the things which org2 dulu buat to keep the marriage strong...unlike me, simple things like trying being pretty to hubby pun punya lah susah rasanya nak follow:(

Lina : thanks for the wish:))

Honeylanz : thanks beb:)

YummyMummy : that's my mom..mmg loves make-ups..even kalau nak ajak dia pegi 7-11 mlm pun dia nak jugak make-up, at least lipstick..haru jugak sometimes..he..hee

Jem : thanks beb, kembang my mom dengar org puji ni:)

Lady : thanks beb..mmg kembang my mom dgr:) haa..haa good for u inspired to look pretty for hubby, anak dia nih..puas nasihat tak makan saman:)

Ermayum : thanks dear..mudah2an sihat sokmo:))

Flowerella : thanks beb for dropping by:)so at last what's ur choice between leica and lumix? i'll drop by @ur site soon:))


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