Friday, July 23, 2010

Aren't they sweeet????

I looove these pictures.........thought sharing this with you peeps..

I love their gestures..I've always been Marc Anthony's fan since days he sang with Tina Arena "I want to spend my lifetime loving you" the soundtrack for Zoro, later one of his song becomes my obsession "I need to know"

By the way, on top of all, I love Jennifer's Pucci dress:) and her stylish sunnies...she looks really stylish with her scarf in this photo:)

Despite whatever people predict about their marriage, I wish they will be together until end of their lives...very sweet and adorable couple


Anonymous said...

she has a beautiful body!! jeles :D

Lady of Leisure said...

uwaaa... i yang perempuan ni pun suka tengok jlo.. hehe..

Jabberholic said...

Babe, nice pics..Thanks for sharing...And thanks loads for the music video..Teringat zaman muda-muda dulu...Hahaha..

aS_c0mei said...

salam....dah few times dropped by tapi segan nak tinggal jejak.hihihi...

anyway,suka jugak sunglass Jlo!brand apa tu ek.stylo sungguh.heeee

ERMAYUM said...

i ada gak fav couple - hehe but tak menjadi - all the fab people have it all and kita pun nak they jadi fairy tale but ada yg tak sampai :)
i bolehla layan Jelo - Mark pun ok lagu zorro tu :)

Anonymous said...

body yg superb after deliver the twins...saya suka marc anthony tu bile nyanyi lagi my baby you...

screamingmommy said...

honeylanz : tell me about it..sgt jelezz kan?:)

Lady : yesss..very much..apatah lagi man:)

Ms Jab: kira zaman muda2 laa dulu laa:))nostalgic:)

as_comei : awat laa segan nak tinggal jejak..alang2 jejak tu tinggal2 laa kesan ye tak beb?:) anyway thanks sudi singgah.

sunglasses JLo tu kalau tak silap mata I mcm logo oakley..tak sure pulak...anybody noticed apa brand? biasa oakley takde design mcm tu..but i pun not sure

Ermayum : haa..haa sebab tu tak menjadi beb? anyway couple ni sweet laa sorang over the top sorang lagi balance her...ok laa dari dia end up dgn ben affleck kan?

Humblemommie : yess..lps delivered twins terus badan cung melecun..but again..i'm sure she put a lot of effort to remain mcm tu kan?:)


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