Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm seriously dissapointed with "monica" for choosing to play the cougar role in her current hit series "Cougar Town"

I think she ruined it..she ruined her Monica's image..her acting in this current series is not natural..the face, you can see the-not-so-nice-effect of the botox..!

if they ever want to continue for another season..i think this blonde gal should be casted out.

It's not even funny and you can see the not so natural acting..kind of look desparate to be on TV again after FRIENDS ended. The character reminds me of Samantha from SATC, but in "trying very hard to be funny and sexy" kind of character.

Overall..I'm dissapointed. But again my gay friend think other-wise..he loves it..

My husband on the other-hand sort of agree with me...so peeps..do you guys love Courtney Cox in this series?

do you guys realize the botox effect for all their female casts?

until next time..take care peeps!


Lea Shmea said...

i totally hate this show! it's pretty disgusting for older woman to chase teenage boys. yaks.

zarin said...

i totally agree with u 100% heheh :D
bodos sangat dia dlm ni...buat malu je tau and memang dah tak tengok dah citer ni

I.Q.W.A said...

cite ni tah apa2 ..

Jabberholic said...

babe..i totally agree..i stopped watching after the first episode..

CiKaYu said...

i tak suka courtney cox aka monica as a main actress dan juga jln cite yg kononnye wanita at older age sangat2 desperate, i tak leh tolerate langsung...

fizamior said...

nampak sgt botoxnya... i hate the show.. booo!!!!!

Lady of Leisure said...

macam tak kena je kan.. *sighs

ERMAYUM said...

ooo SM i ketinggalan zaman hari apa cite ni tak tengok lagi ni heheh but i tak minat sgt monica i suka jennifer but muka botox dia memang tak lawa nampak makin tua adala :)

screamingmommy said...

Lea, Zarin, Iqwa, MsJab,Cik Ayu, Fiza, Lady : ha..haa beb mmg annoying kan? but when I posted in my facebook, rupanya ramai jugak yg suka..agak surprising pulak. Esp my gay friend.

Erma : Kat StarWorld tapi tak berapa ingat hari apa, sbb tak follow tapi I selalu ter tengok masa re-run. on weekends selalu je dia re-run


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