Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy birthday Princess

queuing up for balloons sculpture, ms mok very nice lady she entertained the kids until we almost left the hall.

face painting

hall was decorated with balloons

The pinata for the boys - the ship in conjunction with the theme pirates and princess

Last saturday was allysha's 5th birthday. We did a birthday party at a hall. After weeks of running around town to get things done. Alhamdulillah the party went smoothly and Allysha and the twins enjoyed very much.

The cake was lovely, and tasted yummy first I didnt really pay much attention to the taste as all I want is a lovely mermaid's cake for allysha as she's obsessed with mermaid, hence I didnt specify what flavor, ended up shashue from sugarpinkicing made a really nice moist chocolate cake, she reallydid a superb job, very details.. one talented lady i'm telling you and i highly recommend her:) check out her site at sugarpinkicing . usual any of my parties will not complete without usual the cupcakes I ordered from Nikki of Cuppz.

Among the guests were 20 anak yatim from Banting, selangor.

We had face painter and balloons sculpture, they kids love it plus we had 2 pinatas, the ship for the boys and crown for the girls where the kids had to bash it to get the candies, chocolates and other goodies.

Overall, Allysha really love her party.

allysha's having fun at her party

cupcakes from cuppz

the hall decorated with balloons- soft pink, silver and purple (following the color of the party packs)

nuggets and cookies - ships, flowers and butterflies

party packs - pink for girls

ben-10 and spiderman for the boys + the purple lunch box

the favorite among my guests..nasi kerabu goreng by my mom:)

any of you need to get contacts for balloons sculpture, cakes and face painter, let me know ya:) I understand the dilemma of mothers getting things done for the kids' birthdays..chaos and exhausting really:) I choose not to do at club as I need to serve good food for my guests, doing it at the club you are bounded to get food from them, limited choices and most of nasi kerabu goreng like my mom's. For kids I cooked pasta olio this time, overall plus anak2 yatim, around 70 kids attended.

until next time..take care!


Anonymous said...

awesome...boleh bagi contact no for the balloon sculpture and where did u get those party packs...cute lah.

fizamior said...

happy bday darling! nice party and meriah too! :D

jEM said...

Happy 5th birthday Allysya! Nice party! nanti i nak the ballon sculpture and face painter contact no, kay! for the next birthday party :-)

immey said...

hi, share ngan i sama ya..thx

screamingmommy said...

HM : ok nanti I published the contacts ye:) party packs the purple box my sis in law bought in Perth. The pink paper bags for girls and ben 10, I bought from a place recommended by a fren who happened to get it from a blog. Not sure if you know the place called plaza GM near jln raja Laut. They sell wholesale items, u need direction let me know ya

Fiza : thanks fiza:)

Jem : thanks babe, I'll published the contacts:))

Immey : oraaiit no problem, will share the contacts:)

Balloons Sculpture : Ms Mok : 012-3887020

Face painting : Alan & Friends : 03 - 42515188

Lady of Leisure said...

happy birthday to dear allysha.. agree with others, semua pun cute. cuppies, balloons, party packs and of course the birthday girl..

*nasi kerabu tu nyum2 nya...

ERMAYUM said...

happy birthday Allysha sihat panjang umur bijak pandai anak soleh k

babe - so nice of u jemput anak yatim murah rezeki u - u arrange for transport for them to come as well? and it looks like a big happy party :)

immey said...

Appreciate it, thanks.

Wholesale shop tu nama apa? Blog add?..

screamingmommy said...

Erma : tq beb:) mudah2an jadi anak solehah:)

bukan I pun arrange anak yatim tu, my mother in law, transport sekolah mmg ada, kat banting a place my parents in law selalu visit so dia lah yg cadang nak ajak..I tumpang je:) plus 2 of my colleagues tumpang contribute party packs for 40 anak2 yatim.

Immey : I tak ingat nak kedai it's actually kat Plaza GM level 6, ada one shop yg mmg jual byk paper bags cantik2. nanti i ask my fren pasal blog dia baca tu..nanti i inform u ye

screamingmommy said...

immey : I googled and found the site, check this out:)

bitsANDpieces said...

screamingmommy: isnt that shashue is kirana's sister? sedap tak cake die? was thinking to tempah kek for my hantaran too. if sedap why not kan? may i know the price for that mermaid cake. nak tempah jugak for my dear allysha :) thank you in advance babe.

ashra said...

hepi belated besday to allysha..
sukalah kek tu...cantik dan meriah besday party nye.. =)


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