Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy weekends uols !!!

Hubby will be playing squash for a friendly match this weekend....we will tag along, hopefully can squeeze some time to swim with kids..I havent been swimming for a very long time...I dont even remember the last time I swam..must be pretty close to a year..

ok peeps..have a jolly good weekend! take care


JeM said...

Enjoy your weekend too SM :-D

Jabberholic said...

Hey babe, is this Holiday Inn Melaka? Was there 2 weeks back ;) Have a goooood weekend!

Lady of Leisure said...

kat mana ni melaka ke? i nampak eye on malaysia kat belakang tu n i think eye on malaysia kat melaka skrg kan hehe bestnya enjoy dear

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screamingmommy said...

Jem : thanks beb:)

Ms Jab : haa..haa u r sooo right, yes we went to holiday Inn.

Lady : yaa betul Melaka..but now eyes of malaysia dah tak ada, I guess this is part of the dispute where we owe the company who owns the "eye of Malaysia"..tak mampu nak bayar so kena ambik balik:(


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