Thursday, August 5, 2010

Divorce is not an option!!

Today's tone is not a very good one..devastated indeed..

Not in the mood to work, lazy to drive, so this morning, I purposely came late to office..asked hubby to send me, we went for breakfast and I reached office at 10 am, bumped into my boss at the lift..erkkk!

2 of my friends become a divorcee this week...yesterday and today, 2 used to be happily married couples are now on their own, going on their separate ways.

Sometimes you just wondered....what's ur fate? Looking at these 2 couples..who used to be very much happy together..loving each other that never for a second I doubt they will grow old together will end up like this..

God definitely has own plan for them.......just talked to one of them, who seems couldn't stop crying..imagine 10 yrs of marriage, know each other since university days...after 4 kids suddenly you are left alone..but I believe she has made right decision.

This morning's conversation over coffee with hubby, he was saying, the divorce rate is higher now when women are much more independent, which according to him, leaving the women with options once they are not happy..which I think that should be the way, if you are in misery..why remain with that man? right? At least for these 2 friends, they are better off now...I'm sure they will lead happier life without man who caused so much misery in their life before.

This surely menginsafkan for me...I vow not to take my marriage for granted, as always advised by my mom, don't ever forget to pray for a happy marriage, not even once in your daily prayer as Allah is the only source to keep your love strong. At least based on her own experience.

take care peeps!


Fara said...

love this posting! more like a reminder to all of us. thank you dear for this, really a wake up call for me.

jane_doe3328 said...

i never see divorce as a bad thing, but still need to avoid it as much as I could :D

Lady of Leisure said...

mintak dijauhkan.. semoga rumahtangga kita sentiasa dirahmati..

Eti said...

scary isn't it??? but true, if you are unhappy why stay in the marriage just for the sake of staying married... if you can manage on your own... leave. still it's not something that one would wish for, god forbid!

screamingmommy said...

Fara : hopefully we can learn from other ppl's mistake.

Jane : yes, for cases like what my friends went thru..divorce is the best solution.

lady : nauzubillah, yes semoga ours dirahmati dan dijauhkan dari dugaan berat gini

Eti : it's scary, yes even for these ladies, it's been years of misery before they decided to go on their own. It's not something easy to do and decide. God forbid:(

mJ said...

thanks for such a wake up call for me...divorce is the halal thing yang paling dibenci Allah...but, if kesengsaraan lebih dari kebahagiaan we do have a choice

ERMAYUM said...

hi dear i thought so also - love from Allah kan - divorce is not the option yet if being separated make things better why not? i pun macam you my mood senang ja infected dgn sekeliling i - semalam i nangis tgk org lumpuh -
happiness is or whatever in our life is very fragile -hang on strongly to our faith and the one and only because only He listen to us - give us happy ever after give us good and loyal husband etc etc we pray and we pray and we tawakal and we make the best of what we have

screamingmommy said...

mJ : yes beb, it's a wake up call for me as well..sometimes kita lupa and takes things for granted.

Erma: beb, yes true..sometimes doa is the best to get the solutions for any problem, kekadang kita ni alpa, bila senang takde dugaan terlupa berdoa:( like u I ni mmg easily affected by ppl's mood around me, the weekend I met them both saturday sorang, sunday sorang..sedih amat rasanya..and made me appreciate my marriage more..scary rasa bila ur good frens went thru such a moment:(

J.L said...

salam kenal dan salam ramadhan. harap yg terbaik utk kita semua..

screamingmommy said...

J.L : thanks for stopping by, salam kenal and selamat berpuasa to u too:)

Gee said...

selamat berpuasa.....


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