Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting your nails?

I wish have the smooth hands and fingers like hers:(

I love painting my nails....of course only limited to the time when I'm having my period. I'll normally go for nude colors..urrr...I have to respect my mother in law, I can sense she's not happy with me coloring my nails..:)

I remembered when I was a kid, I would asked my mom to buy me nail polish in pink and red...and I loved it..but I stopped as soon as I started going to school at standard 1, school's ruling:)

Even now...I adore people wearing nail polish, I guess if it's not haram and can bring to solat..I'll be painting my nails like nobody's business.

I used to have a colleague who use different color each week and her attires from head to toe will have to match her nail color for that just imagine how she arranged her closet..amazing how she color co-ordinated her working attires...:)

I'm not an expert, but 100% of the manicurist I went to, are using OPI products, someone told me it's the top of it's range. I love natural colors as I do not want to attract attention to my nails..but I also love french manicure, never try it..very nice..I wish I have the guts one day to do it:)

lovely hand with french manicure- drooling!

my favorite color

Allysha's favorite.


Lady of Leisure said...

i love french manicure sooo much.. dulu rajin buat.. tapi skrg jarang sangat sebab kalau ada french manicure ni nak masak tak boleh lawak2 nanti white tips tu tercalar hhehe.. tapi i sangat suka, nampak neat jer french manicure kan..

screamingmommy said...

me tooo!!:) kalau meeting tu, ada pulak colleague yg buat french manicure..i ni dok ralit laa tgk jari org tu..ha..haa..sampai gitu:)

Anonymous said...

I likeee.. :))

screamingmommy said...

Flowerella : u too?:))


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