Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dissapointed!!! this year I've to miss the RAT RACE. It's not that I'm a fast runner but I missed the fun of it..running in your working attire..like how many chance in a lifetime you'll be running with your cufflink and no one thinks you are insane!!!

I ran last year for my previous company, ...hoping to run again this year.. but the moment I wanted to register, it's already full:(

Here's a brief description about the RAT RACE:
The Edge and Bursa Malaysia are co-organisers for this event which benefits the needy. Donations collected from participating local and foreign companies in Malaysia will be channelled towards beneficiaries involved in various causes. Just to share, one participant is charged RM1,000.

Anyone of you peeps running today for the Rat Race?


Lady of Leisure said...

i dok run kat dapur tadi.. hehehe... btw event ni yearly ke dear? tak dapat join this year, may be next year u dapat join kan..

screamingmommy said...

Lady, I bet Molly sure happy to join, nama nya lagi Rat Race..ha..haa
I hope ada peluang next year nak tunjuk skill yg tak berapa ada ni:)

mJ said...

my organization pun baru buat RaT Race last week...kelakor sgt tgk depa lari pakai kain pelekat...me tak masuk pun sbb baru buat treatment, luka tak sembuh hehe

screamingmommy said...

MJ : awwww...if not u kena lari pakai kain batik ke beb? hope u hv recovered from the treatment by now:)


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