Friday, October 22, 2010

Carbo blocker

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Well...I'm trying very hard to shed the extra fat gained during raya. I even completed my Nike RUN and Mizuno RUN in 2 consecutive weeks...on top of it..I also took carbo blocker.!!

Sadly to say...all seems doesnt work on me...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrgghhh!!!!

Basically I just want to share with your case anybody is considering taking this carbo advice is : DONT's not working at least for me..reason being..I dont normally plan my meal..I snack in between.. ..and this pill you have to take 30 mins before your meal. Most of the time I'm too hungry to wait 30 mins for the pills to start working, as a result it's gone to waste

Now...since I've already bought, by hook or by crook I feel obligated to finish this..and it cost me RM150 a bottle for the supply of 1 month.

happy weekends peeps!!!


CiKaYu said...

tq for sharing the info!! too cam separuh mati nak buat lemak raya!! hpp weekend!

screamingmommy said...

CikAyu : sad kan?? how I wish lemak ni blh di sental2..mcm buang lemak kat periuk:(

Lady of Leisure said...

dear, i ada satu pil ni makan before makan gak esp makan bebenda yang ada carbs banyak ni, huwaaa same la tak berkesan mana pun.. pastu i siap makan usana for diet lagi.. lagi kuat i makan ada lah.. huwarghhhhhhhhhhhhh...

screamingmommy said...

Lady : yess..i pun rasa i makan lagi byk bila ambik pill..u know laa esp bila rasa confident makan byk sbb pill tolong absorb those huge mistakes rasanya:(


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