Friday, October 1, 2010

Once a upon a time

When I read BitsandPieces 's entry one evening, immediately it brings back the memory years ago..I totally understand the fear she had:)

Well..I can say I'm the worst cook ever....having a mom who's really good in kitchen and spent most of my time away from home (sekolah berasrama penuh) and bila balik cuti sekolah..sure kena pampered tak payah masuk dapur...melonggok depan TV tunggu makanan masak macam tuan the end result..mmg hampeeh in the I blame my mom for that..haa..haaa:)

The only thing I can cook well, desserts..since I have a very sweet tooth....even that when I first made the easiest cream caramel for my mother in law..gula rentung and pahit..issshhhh seriously embarassing..(tak nak ingat)

The ealier days of my marriage, to impress my husband i will get the recipes from friends and try out..and in many attempts..I will throw away and if you peeps only take 10 minutes, mine took 1 hour to complete plus yang kena buang and tumis balik etc....

But takes a lot practice, practice makes perfect..well not yet perfect but at least my cooking now is edible least to my kids and husband..haa...haaa:)


ICA said...

Same here SM...everytime if guests terjah my house unannounced....I terus hyperventilate!! Panic sakan....I grew up with my sis being an excellent I pun start learning once I got married. Now, oklah...boleh dimakan tapi tak jamin sedap..hehehe.

ERMAYUM said...

dear i tak pernah tau masak sampai umur 20 thn serious k - then i sambung belajar and i remember my mum cakap campak ja apa2 dalam periuk and guna deria rasa - mesti jadi hehe betul babe campak ja :) and now bila my dad cakap i ni memang leh jadi tkg masak i think may i am memang pandai masak hehe

Lady of Leisure said...

dont worry dear, as long as ada minat bak kata ermayum campak2 insyaAllah jadi punya.. i dessert tak berapa reti tau, like baking2 cake semua tu i tak reti sangat.. hhihi. masak lauk je i lepas skit..

screamingmommy said...

ICA : I bet by now u dah terer dah masak2 ni..i still lagi lesen L rasanya:)kalau ada dtg tak bagitau awal2 sah2 i kluar beli je.

Erma : wah..beb u mmg dah lesen besar laa kalau ur dad dah comment gitu gaya, tapi i mmg yakin deria u blh pakai..entah bila laa i nak pass ni:)

Lady : well beb..u mmg tak blh challenge laa..i wish i have the talent cam u, i bet my husband will be the happiest man:) i really inspired by ur blog tau bab2 masak ni


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