Friday, October 15, 2010

Tamarind Hill

it's next to menara KFC, Jalan sultan Ismail in front of life centre

The parking lot, just next to the stairs.

the stairs, taking from the restaurant's entrance

I was very much dissapointed when I tried to book a dinner slot with hubby on his birthday @Tamarind Hill and found out the restaurant ceased operations at their original Ampang outlet, the place meant so much as it was where hubby popped the question (well not really a proposal, he gave me a ring, when I asked for what..he was nervous and told's nothing..just a ring..duhhhh!!!)

You need to walk up this stairs to get the restaurant, it's on the hill

NEO - another restaurant you will find on your way up to Tamarind Hill

the view from the restaurant, the buildings along Jalan Sultan Ismail.

but they've now found a new location right smack in the city centre.

Earlier on, I was a bit sceptical to go to this new spot as it might not be as nice as the previous one, where it was a well renovated old bungalow surrounded by the exotic big trees...

but the new place is not dissapointing as well. If you are looking for a makan place in the city centre surrounded by trees..this is it...the setting is romantic and cozy with dim light..I was told every valentines' day this place is fully booked a month in advance.

Butter prawn
Deep fried Grouper with sauce


Beef - couldnt remember exactly the name, but it taste like steak with green curry sauce

The seafood tomyam with tiger prawn - GLORIOUS according to hubby:)

You have the option either to stay indoor or outdoor, mind night you might be bitten by mosquito..but fret not..they will provide the mosquito coil:)

we are very satisfied with the's yummy and you will feel it's worth to splurge once in a while for a special occasion, especially when it's my birthday:)

To get there, turn left right before Menara KFC on Jalan Sultan Ismail. You will see steps leading up to the restaurant on the hill

Enjoy some of the photos..I managed to snap last night..of course hubby wasnt too approving when I was busy taking photos especially at a fine dining place.


bitsANDpieces said...

ive never been to tamarind, so far yg i tahu dekat taman tun abdul razak.. hurm, but since its in the city a must visit nih:)besar gila udang butter tuh.

saw ur entry on bijou- how was the cookies? sedap tak n worth the money? saw their outlet dekat klcc- was thinking to get some cookies

ERMAYUM said...

nampak pun romantic tempat nya :)

screamingmommy said...

bAp : yg taman tun abd razak tu tamarind springs specialized in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam's food, this one thai food....and yes udang dia yumm..yumm betul:)

bijou punya cookies..i mmg suka..sedap, and i loved it:)even the cupcakes dia pun I suka

Erma : haa..aa beb..sesekala for ppl yg dah lama passed honeymoon stage cam I ni sesuai laa re-ignite the spark konon:)


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