Monday, October 11, 2010

Sayonara to NIKE

NOTE : this entry is in FURIOUS MODE, dont spoil your monday..!

NIKE run yesterday was my last support towards NIKE brand seriously...both my husband and I decided that we do not want to contribute our hard earned money to the company which doesn't take their customers seriously, plus..ADIDAS has a wide range of sports gear and REEBOK also not bad in inventing good sports shoes

We know NIKE will not feel the pinch in even the slightest manner..but at least I know from now on..they will no longer be my family's preferred brand ever!

In preparation to our Nike RUN, my husband bought me a sports-band and an anti-blister socks from a NIKE shop in Alamanda, belongs to Jerasia Fashion Sdn Bhd. Little that we realized they have sizes, I only realized when we reached home..since it's already night, we thought we should just go and exchange the next day. Mind you...the socks is still in the plastic, we have not opened it.

The next day, hubby went to the shop to exchange the size....and they refused to let him exchange, the excuse is..."sorry sir it's our policy" so my husband asked them to check with the manager in case the manager can use his stable mind..and's the same..

so my husband told them " you can keep this socks and sell it again since I'm not going to wear this, it's too small for my feet" and he left

We are extremely dissapointed the way NIKE handled the customers, I emailed NIKE malaysia to ask about the policy on the same day, but 3 mails were not answered.. not even a word.

At least their customer service should reply the mail even if they have no say of what the shop sets as their moron policy..they should have told us even if they themselves feel stupid to admit..if for hygienic reason they doesn't allow the exchange, at least they should consider those in plastics, still intact and we went back less than 24hours from the time we purchased.

Soooo..I waited for the NIKE RUN..specially because I need to talk to NIKE personnel..even better if the senior management will be there...soooo...yesterday during the RUN, at the start point, the emcee announced " we have here the marketing manager from NIKE...bla..blaa..." then I know I have something to look forward..I need to finish my run as soon as I can..and immediately I can go get that marketing manager...

So..basically that's my motivation to run faster than reach NIKE's MARKETING the VIP stage

as soon as I reached the end point..I went straight to VIP stage..unfortunately, they crew couldn't locate him/her, instead another nike personnel came to see me, (dont know if he pretended he's not the manager) So I told him the story...
    • I sent 3 emails to which I found in their website
    • He claimed they didnt receive any mail..and further contradicting..there's no such email address...okaaaayyy..
    • 1st - if there's no such address..why did u put it in the website (I cut and paste here the page)

it's too small..but believe me..the email address is stated there

    • 2nd - if the address doesn't exist, i should have received "bounce mail" notification
    • He claimed NIKE doesn't own any store, all of them are franchise
    • I told him I'm fully aware..I wrote to them not to claim our money..but to let them know what the store had done to tarnish their brand...
    • and i told him, I came from the industry where we have agents and dealers carry our brand..but we take 110% ownership of that brand and will go out of our way to make sure our brand is in good hand regardless which vendor or agents that carry them..bottom line is...the brand is ours!!!!!!!!!!!
    • I told him..i dont expect to get back that RM26 for a pair of socks we left to the store..we just want to be heard..that's all..and
    • The run is our last support to NIKE
Then he asked for my email address and phone if he will help..i dont even dream for them to call me...

I waited for hubby to complete his 10KM soon as he finished..we left

one of the immediate action is to replace our exercise gear.............

his and hers

Anyway Mr Nike..we bid you good bye..!


CiKaYu said...

wow...i baca ni pun dah geram sangat...last saturday went to nike's shop. my intention nak beli running shoes. kalau cam gini lah, i better buy other brand! i support u dear!

screamingmommy said...

CikAyu : yaaayyyyyyyyyyyy....tq beb:) haa..haa suka sgt:)

Lady of Leisure said...

i agree with u dear.. kadang tu kita bukan nak money back ke apa kan, we just want to be heard kan..

screamingmommy said...

lady : betul beb, dah laa susah to get them..bagi email address dummy pulak kat official website:(

ERMAYUM said...

benda2 macam ni terlalu rampant kat mesia ni frustrated betul sometimes :(
u re 200% right tak kira la nnyonya ke apek ke jual the brand NIKE hq kena la amek 200 % ownership -
but dear this entry should go straight to the star - yang bahagian komplain2 tu biar semua tahu- i tak sokong or sokong nike but now ill be on your side and boikot them heheh (serious k) -
sad sad isshhhhh geram pun ada

screamingmommy said...

Erma : tu laa beb, tahap geram sampai give up..even until now they have not called..(as expected)


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