Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reminiscing good old days

The other day, I had a gathering with ex-housemates. Then, we started reminiscing all the silly things we had done..

among others, of course my clumsiness...

Then we commuted to office by public transport (fresh-grad, couldnt afford to even by a kancil) and since my office was no where near LRT station, i had to take a bus..

One morning, I was late..and the rest had left I had to walked to the bus stand alone, on my way there..I saw this van full of of them, sticking her head out, calling and waving to her friend at the bus stand..I was like... " it necessary to shout, pick up the phone laaa...tu pun nak save ke..jerit2 pagi2 ni" in my "merak" mode (merak a.k.a sombong/angkuh..or anything seangkatan dengannya) then right after that...doooiiiiinggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I walked into a stop sign........dammmnnnn!!
immediately I stopped walking and waited for the bus right there and then.....I must be crazy to walk ahead... as people were looking towards me since the bus would be coming from my direction....damn!!! maluuuu...terus stop...tunggu bas kat situ.....eeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and these people were the same regular one waiting for the bus everyday with me...

well...i didnt tell my friends took weeks to finally share that embarassing moment:(

oooohh btw,..I wanted to share my friend's silly story (she will read this, and I'm sure I will get a scolding..hi jern!!! *waving hand*).. we had a neighbour then..a good looking and rich young guy who happened to stay there, the house belongs to the parents who' lived outside of he stayed with a brother..all of us sort of going gaga over this particular neighbor (the brother already had a girlfriend, hence the reason we're soooo into this one) one fateful evening after numerous so-called impromptu meet-up at the elevator..this friend of mine braced herself to create a conversation.

Pretty gal : hi!!
hensome guy : hello!
Pretty gal : you kerja mana?
Handsome guy : dunlop
Pretty gal : pillow tu yg buat bantal tidur tu????? (with excitement .....thinking how brilliantly she can relate dunlop and the pillow)
handsome guy : tyre

erkkk....well I guess..that must be the turn-off event for the handsome guy....there goes our chance...habisssssss licin, ......he must be thinking...hmm not so brilliant those girls, since they were so close..they must be of the same kind:(

To have dashed our chance..... on that fateful evening.


Drama Mama said...

hahahahhaha....kelakar ok! i had a lot of embarrassing moments too due to my clumsiness. hiks

btw, ur friend's story tu pun hilarious. i dok gelak sensorang much to my son's annoyance.kehkeh

screamingmommy said...

drama mama : thanks beb:) should share with us too;)

Lady of Leisure said...

haahaaaa... know what when i read dunlop tu i was thinking donlop pillow jugak tau..

screamingmommy said...

lady : haa..haa..i guess we girls have girly thought cannot relate to cars and, perhaps the advertisement for dunlop pillow is effective:) so I cant blame my friends la ye?:)


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