Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy weekend peeps!

Hi peeps..lucky you if you're working in Selangor..this is going to be a loooong weekend..I bet you guys even take extra day off on Monday......unfortunately for me, working in KL, with 3 days left from my annual leave..leaving me with no extra leave..just the weekend.

But..even that will not stop me from going away this weekend, hope I can squeeze in some times to do raya shopping for the kids.

so..peeps, happy merdeka weekends...

take care!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Looking for Raya bag?

Peeps..looking for raya bag? Perhaps should consider this:) Check out new Anya's collection..I know Jem must have seen all these new collections:)

I on the other hand, had to stop all the angan2....I vowed not to buy any handbags until Trevi GM becomes mine. PERIOD! huwaaaargggggg...umpama pungguk rindu kan bulan:(

Offer- discount of 15% for new collections- preview invitation yesterday and today..thought of visiting them today after work..but I guess it's too dangerous:(

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to create smoky eyes by Michelle Phan

I know many of you have known the existence of this u-tube sensation make up expert Michelle Phan, a vietnamese American. I, on the other hand just get to know her in one of the article in Harpers Baazar or Her world, couldn't recall correctly...but it's amazing her make up tips..very easy to follow.

Michelle Phan, 23 yrs old. She's a self-styled Internet celebrity, filming herself doing her own makeup, giving beauty tips. She edits on a MacBook Pro and posts the instructional videos on YouTube.

She is a sensation on you tube with millions of followers,that bring Lancôme to appoint her as Lancôme's official video makeup artist, before she used her own products but now all her current videos are using Lancôme's product.

I've been looking for tips to do a proper smoky eyes..with her step by step tutorial, now I think I should be able to do it:) ..thanks to her, you peeps can visit her site and check out other amazing make tips, from romantic valentines to anime eyes:) you can get some tips for this raya..yaaayyy!!!

Smoky eyes by Michelle Phan


Monday, August 23, 2010

He is a shoe connoisseur!!

ha...haaa..what a statement..that's from my hubby:)

I was torn between the 2 shoes for raya, I had earlier visited TOD's with my girlfriends and fell in love with this ballerina's reserved:(
Broken hearted, we moved to Stuart Weiszman and there's this bling-bling sandals....which my girlfriends screams RAYA SHOES!!!

Went home I told hubby a.k.a banker, i found the perfect shoes for raya. Few days later he picked me up from office during lunch hour, I told him, "let's go to TOD's I want to show you this shoes, perfect size of 40 which is reserved by someone else..and I'm dying to have it if it's available..but dont's not:("
as soon as we reached TOD's, I asked the SA for shoes which I saw a couple of days back, while he went to look inside the store and my hubby went.. "Oh God, please dont make it available..ha..haaa"
The SA came out and I tried the shoes..i showed my hubby.."'s perfect and I can wear this to office for 365 days to come..." (the day before he complaint I hardly wear my Bally heels which he bought years back..the truth is I dont like heel..standing at 5'7" doesnt make me comfortable adding a couple of inches more.

" can say that now..i bet it will go into the box and never came out" he said.
I told him "worry not..the shoes is not available and let's go move to stuart to buy my Raya shoes."

Suddenly another SA came and told me "why dont you take it, i reserved for my customer, but she didnt pick up, it's been a while now, I guess..she change her mind.."
can you imagine my excitement??? jumping with joy..but I have a problem..i need that Raya Shoes..that's the main purpose that day. I told them "well, we dont expect to buy this shoes now, I need to check out other shoes case my hubby prefers that one then I have to let go of this flats:("

So off we went to Stuart Weiszman..I tried on the bling2 sandals..walked around in that super yummy sandal..hubby sort of loved that sandal too..
"but I loved them both..I couldnt decide now..see..both fit me perfectly..both in size 40" being in size 40 sometimes leaving you with limited choice of nice shoes, most of the time especially shopping in KL, the land of petite people:(
I walked around few more rounds...."uuuuuurgghhhhh..seriously both are nice" at the end......

"why dont take them both?" you can imagine..I'm jumping up and down in that shop....."I love you..I love you....I love you Ba!!!!" As fate would have it..both are now MINES....alhamdulillah.. My hubby said.."you should be grateful to have a shoe connoisseur as your husband..I totally can relate to your love for shoes"..whatever laa long as I can have my shoes..claimed or named whatever you want...

I have a slight problem later..which I noticed another pair of SW jelly sandals with nice detailing..shouting at me.."pick me..pick me!!!" uuurgghhhhhh........painful..:( but of course..hubby's generosity has the limit right?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Raya shoes?

How about this one?

check-out its detailing...yummmmmmyyyyy:)
available now at Stuart Weiszman KLCC, if I havent bought shoes for raya yet..I would definitely grab this one.

Divorce should not be an option if.......

I'm not over the DIVORCE issue still bothers me...and when I read again the previous articles I feel that I'm all for DIVORCE, sort of encouraging..hence I feel responsible to share the other side of story....

I had a chat with another friend last week, who's also a divorcee, she's been divorced for more than 7 years now. We used to be colleagues together with a friend who just got divorced recently, when I get to know her then she just finalized her divorce.

I know what she went through..of course then she told me she has made the right decision as infidelity involved...she moved on..lucky for her as she's financially independent..but I know for the first 3 years she still could not get over the husband, let alone the other woman is a celebrity which make it harder as she'll always been updated about the husband's new life.

From the conversation with her last week, she said..she's against divorce 100% if no third party involved. She said regardless how much money you have, the kids need a father figure in the, once they are out of the house..hardly to find someone who is responsible enough to to be there for the kids when they are in trouble etc..all left to the ex-wife. Basically after the divorce you are left alone!!! Not to mention about nafkah and all..especially if they know the wife is financially secured..

In her case, her teenage daughter blaming her for the family wreckage, that her mother didn't fight hard enough for her daddy....simply giving up. Now, the daughter is in a relationship. The mother found out she's begging the boyfriend not to leave her and even willing to share the boyfriend, when asked, she told the mother.."i dont want to be like gave up too didnt fight for daddy" shocking isn't it????? never know your action which you thought the best for the kids turned out otherwise..must be devastating for the mother..little that the girl know..the mother suffered 2 years before she finally filed for divorce..lost 15 kg during those period of tremendous turmoil..she will spend hours in the bathroom throwing up, when the husband went down to call the girlfriend at night..of course she didnt tell that to the kids to protect him as father figure..and are blamed:(

Her much as you can, try to work out especially if no abuse or other woman involved ..Divorce should not be an option!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Orang ikhlas tertindas?

Peeps..I would like to wish all of us Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan and hopefully this month provides an opportunity for us to get closer to Allah more than ever:)

I received this mail from a friend, and I just feel that I had to share this with you peeps..very true indeed, we do not know sometimes Allah repay our good deeds in many ways...

In case you are looking for something to read just to kill time (during lunch hour), this is worth reading....

I revisited this mail many times, it served as a reminder to me as well:)


Jika kita memberi kebaikan kepada seseorang, kebaikan itu akan dibalas
walaupun yang membalasnya bukan orang yang kita berikan kebaikan itu.
Hakikat ini mengingatkan saya kepada satu perbualan yang berlaku sewaktu
saya mengendalikan program latihan beberapa tahun lalu di sebuah

“Saya tidak mempunyai apa-apa harapan lagi pada organisasi ini,” kata
seorang kakak berterus-terang.
“Mengapa?” balas saya.
“Organisasi ini dipenuhi oleh kaki bodek dan kaki ampu. Saya terseksa
bekerja secara ikhlas di sini. Tidak pernah dihargai, tidak ada ganjaran
yang wajar. Saya bukannya orang yang bermuka-muka. Tak pandai saya nak
ampu-ampu orang atas, Fokus saya kepada kerja sahaja.”

Kakak itu sebenarnya adalah peserta program yang paling senior. Telah
berpuluh tahun bekerja dalam organisasi tersebut. Itu adalah kali terakhir
dia mengikuti program latihan. Enam bulan lagi dia akan bersara. Kesempatan
yang diberikan kepadanya dalam sesi memperkenalkan diri itu telah
digunakannya sepenuhnya untuk meluahkan rasa kecewa dan marahnya sepanjang
berkhidmat di situ. Sungguh, dia kecewa sekali. Siapa tidak marah, jika
bekerja secara ikhlas dan gigih tetapi tidak pernah dinaikkan pangkat atau
mendapat kenaikan gaji?

Sewaktu rehat, sambil minum-minum dan berbual santai saya bertanya
kepadanya, “kakak punya berapa orang anak?”
Sengaja saya bertanya soal-soal “di luar kotak” agar ketegangan dalam sesi
sebelumnya dapat diredakan.
“Oh ramai encik…”
“Bagaimana dengan anak-anak kakak?”

Wah, saya lihat dia begitu ceria apabila mula menceritakan tentang
anak-anaknya. Boleh dikatakan semua anak-anaknya berjaya dalam profesion
masing-masing. Ada yang menjadi doktor, jurutera, pensyarah dan sebagainya.
Malah seorang anaknya telah menjadi hafiz.
“Kakak, boleh saya bertanya?”
“Tanyalah encik…” ujar kakak itu sambil tersenyum. Mendung di wajahnya
sudah berlalu. Dia begitu teruja bila bercerita tentang anak-anaknya.
Memang, semua anak-anaknya menjadi.

“Jika kakak diberi pilihan, antara anak-anak yang “menjadi” dengan naik
gaji, mana yang kakak pilih?”
Belum sempat dia menjawab, saya bertanya lagi, “antara kakak naik pangkat
dengan anak-anak berjaya dalam karier mereka, mana yang kakak pilih?”

Dengan cepat kakak itu menjawab, “hati ibu encik… tentulah saya pilih
anak-anak saya menjadi walaupun tidak naik gaji atau dapat pangkat.
Anak-anak adalah harta kita yang paling berharga!”

Saya tersenyum. Hati ibu, begitulah semestinya.
“Kakak, sebenarnya keikhlasan dan kegigihan kakak bekerja dalam organisasi
ini telah mendapat ganjaran…” kata saya perlahan. Hampir berbisik.
“Maksud encik?”
“Allah telah membalas dengan ganjaran yang lebih baik dan lebih kakak lebih
sukai. Bila kakak ikhlas bekerja dalam organisasi ini, Allah berikan kepada
kakak anak-anak yang menjadi.”
“Tidak pernah saya terfikir begitu encik…”

“Allah Maha Berkuasa. Ada kalanya takdir dan perbuatan-Nya terlalu misteri
dan rahsia untuk dijangkau oleh pemikiran kita. Tetapi yakinlah what you
give, you get back. Itu hukum sunatullah dalam hubungan sesama manusia.
Kebaikan yang kita buat akan kembali kepada kita. Yakinlah.”
“Walaupun bukan daripada seseorang atau sesuatu pihak yang kita berikan
kebaikan itu?”
“Maksud kakak?”

“Macam ni, saya buat kebaikan kepada organisasi tempat saya bekerja, tapi
Allah berikan kebaikan kepada keluarga. Pembalasan Allah bukan di tempat
saya bekerja, sebaliknya diberikan dalam keluarga saya. Begitukah encik?”
“Itulah yang saya katakan tadi, takdir Allah kekadang terlalu misteri.
Tetapi ketetapannya mutlak dan muktamad, siapa yang memberi kebaikan akan
dibalas dengan kebaikan. Dalam istilah biasa itu dipanggil golden rule!”

Kakak itu termenung. Mungkin memikirkan pertalian dan kaitan antara apa
yang berlaku dalam organisasi dengan familinya.
“Metafora atau analoginya begini. Katalah kita sedang memandu di satu jalan
yang mempunyai dua atau tiga lorong. Penuh sesak. Tiba-tiba sebuah kereta
yang tersalah lorong di sebelah memberi isyarat untuk masuk ke lorong kita.
Kerana simpati melihat dia terkial-kial memberi isyarat, kita pun beralah,
lalu memberi laluan untuk kereta itu masuk di hadapan kita…”

Saya berhenti seketika mengambil nafas sambil mencari reaksi. Saya lihat
kakak itu mendengar penuh minat. Dia meneliti metafora yang saya sampaikan
dengan begitu teliti.
“Kemudian kita terus memandu ke hadapan. Mungkin sejam kemudian atau
setelah berpuluh-puluh kilometer, tiba-tiba kita pula yang tersalah lorong.
Kita pula yang memberi lampu isyarat untuk masuk ke lorong sebelah. Soalnya
logikkah kalau kita mengharapkan kereta yang kita bantu sebelumnya memberi
laluan untuk kita?”

Kakak itu tersenyum dan berkata, “tak logik encik. Kereta yang kita bantu
tadi entah ke mana perginya.”
“Tapi ada tak kereta lain yang simpati dan memberi laluan untuk kita?’
“Pasti ada! Insya-Allah.”
“Ya, begitulah. Padahal kereta itu tidak pernah sekali pun kita tolong.
Tetapi Allahlah yang menggerakkan hati pemandunya untuk memberi laluan
kepada kita. Orang yang kita beri kebaikan, tidak ada di situ untuk
membalas kebaikan kita… Tetapi Allah menggerakkan hati orang lain, yang
tidak pernah merasa kebaikan kita untuk membalas kebaikan kita tadi.”

“Begitu dalam litar di jalan raya dan begitu jualah litar dalam kehidupan
manusia. Kita buat baik kepada A, tetapi kerap kali bukan A yang membalas
kebaikan kita tetapi B atau C atau D atau lain-lainnya yang membalasnya.
Inilah hakikat yang berlaku dalam kehidupan ini.”
“Kita tidak boleh kecewa bila keikhlasan kita dipersiakan?” tanya kakak itu
lagi. Lebih kepada satu respons minta diiyakan.

“Kakak, ikhlas sebenar tidak pinta dibalas. Tetapi Allah Maha Kaya dan Maha
Pengasih, siapa yang ikhlas akan diberi ganjaran walaupun mereka tidak
memintanya kerana setiap kebaikan itu akan dikembalikan kepada orang yang
melakukannya. Ia umpama bola yang dibaling ke dinding, akan melantun semula
kepada pembalingnya!”
“Selalunya saya dengar, orang ikhlas akan dibalas di akhirat.”
“Itulah balasan yang lebih baik dan kekal. Tetapi saya katakan tadi, Allah
Maha kaya, Allah mahu dan mampu membalas keikhlasan hamba-Nya di dunia

“Maksud encik?”
“Orang yang ikhlas akan diberi ketenangan dan kebahagiaan dalam hidup.
Anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah. Isteri yang taat atau suami yang setia.
Dan paling penting… hati yang sejahtera. Inilah kekayaan dan kelebihan yang
lebih utama daripada pangkat, gaji dan jawatan.”
“Jadi orang ikhlas akan terus ditindas, tidak dapat kenaikan pangkat atau
gaji? Bukan apa, saya terfikir kenapa nasib kaki ampu dan kaki bodek lebih
baik dalam organisasi. Mereka dapat naik pangkat!”

Giliran saya pula tersenyum.
“Tidak ada kebaikan yang akan kita dapat melalui jalan yang salah.
Percayalah, kalau benar mereka kaki ampu dan bodek sahaja… pangkat yang
mereka dapat akan menyebabkan mereka melarat. Gaji naik, tetapi ketenangan
hati menurun. Ingat apa yang saya kata tadi, what you give you get back…
Golden rule itu bukan untuk kebaikan sahaja, tetapi untuk kejahatan juga.
Kalau kita berikan kejahatan, kejahatan itu akan kembali semula kepada
kita. Kaki ampu, mungkin akan dapat anak yang pandai bermuka-muka. Kaki
bodek mungkin dibalas dengan isteri yang berpura-pura!” terang saya panjang

“Jadi apa yang harus saya lakukan dengan baki masa perkhidmatan yang
tinggal tidak beberapa bulan lagi ni?”
“Bekerjalah dengan gigih. Walaupun mungkin bos tidak melihatnya, tetapi
Allah Maha Melihat. Bekerja itu satu ibadah. God is our “ceo”, kata orang
sekarang. Insya-Allah, satu hari nanti manusia juga akan diperlihatkan oleh
Allah tentang keikhlasan manusia yang lain. Jangan berhenti memberi
kebaikan hanya kerana tidak dapat penghargaan…”
“Maksud encik?”

“Jangan mengharap terima kasih daripada manusia atas kebaikan yang kita
buat kepadanya.”
“Kita akan sakit jiwa!”
“Kerana umumnya manusia tidak pandai berterima kasih. Lihatlah, kalau
kepada Allah yang Maha Memberi pun manusia tidak pandai bersyukur dan
berterima kasih, apalagi kepada manusia yang pemberiannya terbatas dan
berkala. Sedikit sekali daripada manusia yang bersyukur,” balas saya
mengulangi apa yang maktub dalam Al Quran.

“Tetapi Allah tidak berhenti memberi… “ kata kakak itu perlahan.
“Walaupun manusia tidak berterima kasih kepada-Nya. Sekalipun kepada yang
derhaka dan kafir, tetapi Allah terus memberi… Justeru siapa kita yang
tergamak berhenti memberi hanya kerana tidak mendapat penghargaan dan
ucapan terima kasih?”
“Ah, kita terlalu ego…”

Dan itulah kesimpulan perbualan yang saya kira sangat bermakna dan besar
impaknya dalam hidup saya. Saya terasa “diperingatkan” semasa memberi
peringatan kerana pada hakikatnya saya juga tidak terlepas daripada
lintasan hati oleh satu pertanyaan… orang ikhlas tertindas?

until then...take care peeps! selamat berpuasa:)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't cry:(

I'm such a cry times, while watching heart-wrenching drama or movies I will be sobbing like a baby. That's why I dont like watching sad movies or drama with my kids and hubby as I have to control the emotion...

I can easily shed tears over sad story...last week I had dinner with a few friends, including one who just got divorced last week..and while she's crying telling us what's happening in the court...I cried with her until the other 2 friends had to console us both..

Seriously..who'll not cry..she told me she's started crying after subuh prayer while getting ready to the court..she hugged the husband..asking him "can i hug you for the last time as your wife?".....and in the court..while the couple before her uttered the divorce, she cried until when it came to her turn, she's sobbing in front of the judge, that she couldnt answered the questions. Finally when the judge asked the reason she told him "I think my husband doesnt love me anymore" when the judge asked if the husband understand the claim from the wife and want to proceed..the husband just agreed...

When the husband finally uttered the divorce..she's sobbing uncontrollably and almost collapsed, the moment they came out from the court..she hugged the husband and apologize for all her wrong doings during their marriage..she said if not concerned about people around her at the court, she didnt want to let go...

Even after years of misery with this man..she still love him dearly..the only reason she asked for separation is to be fair to her husband..she feels it's not fair to force him to be with her while he doesnt love her anymore...

they used to be very loving and clingy..imagine, they had lunch together every single day, when the husband worked in PJ and she's in KL...until the last 2 years..when the love seems to slowly fade away.....


This song is dedicated to the 2 friends whom I love dearly, I sent this song to them...they didnt know the existence of my blog yet, soon I'll let them know..

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Divorce is not an option!!

Today's tone is not a very good one..devastated indeed..

Not in the mood to work, lazy to drive, so this morning, I purposely came late to office..asked hubby to send me, we went for breakfast and I reached office at 10 am, bumped into my boss at the lift..erkkk!

2 of my friends become a divorcee this week...yesterday and today, 2 used to be happily married couples are now on their own, going on their separate ways.

Sometimes you just wondered....what's ur fate? Looking at these 2 couples..who used to be very much happy together..loving each other that never for a second I doubt they will grow old together will end up like this..

God definitely has own plan for them.......just talked to one of them, who seems couldn't stop crying..imagine 10 yrs of marriage, know each other since university days...after 4 kids suddenly you are left alone..but I believe she has made right decision.

This morning's conversation over coffee with hubby, he was saying, the divorce rate is higher now when women are much more independent, which according to him, leaving the women with options once they are not happy..which I think that should be the way, if you are in misery..why remain with that man? right? At least for these 2 friends, they are better off now...I'm sure they will lead happier life without man who caused so much misery in their life before.

This surely menginsafkan for me...I vow not to take my marriage for granted, as always advised by my mom, don't ever forget to pray for a happy marriage, not even once in your daily prayer as Allah is the only source to keep your love strong. At least based on her own experience.

take care peeps!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Painting your nails?

I wish have the smooth hands and fingers like hers:(

I love painting my nails....of course only limited to the time when I'm having my period. I'll normally go for nude colors..urrr...I have to respect my mother in law, I can sense she's not happy with me coloring my nails..:)

I remembered when I was a kid, I would asked my mom to buy me nail polish in pink and red...and I loved it..but I stopped as soon as I started going to school at standard 1, school's ruling:)

Even now...I adore people wearing nail polish, I guess if it's not haram and can bring to solat..I'll be painting my nails like nobody's business.

I used to have a colleague who use different color each week and her attires from head to toe will have to match her nail color for that just imagine how she arranged her closet..amazing how she color co-ordinated her working attires...:)

I'm not an expert, but 100% of the manicurist I went to, are using OPI products, someone told me it's the top of it's range. I love natural colors as I do not want to attract attention to my nails..but I also love french manicure, never try it..very nice..I wish I have the guts one day to do it:)

lovely hand with french manicure- drooling!

my favorite color

Allysha's favorite.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dissapointed!!! this year I've to miss the RAT RACE. It's not that I'm a fast runner but I missed the fun of it..running in your working how many chance in a lifetime you'll be running with your cufflink and no one thinks you are insane!!!

I ran last year for my previous company, ...hoping to run again this year.. but the moment I wanted to register, it's already full:(

Here's a brief description about the RAT RACE:
The Edge and Bursa Malaysia are co-organisers for this event which benefits the needy. Donations collected from participating local and foreign companies in Malaysia will be channelled towards beneficiaries involved in various causes. Just to share, one participant is charged RM1,000.

Anyone of you peeps running today for the Rat Race?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oprah Winfrey’s list of ‘Favourite Things for Summer 2008′

It's Elaine Lally not Elaine Dally that gives recommendation..he..hee

Built-in gym????????????? + Oprah's face next to the sandals..!!!!!!

I must try if Oprah recommends..I don’t think she endorses things she doesn’t hubby said "I bet if she said eating mosquito is good..u'll just jump right into it" time for sarcasm..I just asked him to pay together with his stuffs at the counter...then he looked at me..disbelief.."what???? this much for a sandal like this??" I gave him straight's oprah's recommendation!!

They even have design with sequins..too bad my size 41 only limited to this not very attractive choice peeps..or else I'll be walking in my built-in gym with sequins...too good to be true, yesss??

Anyhoo peeps ..I just started wearing it, so far very comfy..i had to bid farewell to crocs from now on..(i love wearing crocs on weekends esp going out with kids) exception when meeting have to look good for your gal friends:)

I dont know to what extent the sandals can help to shape my butt..I just love the comfort for now..he..hee...hopefully if I finally can get size 41 in sequins, I should grab the 2nd pair soon:)

According to the Tag : All FitFlop footwear is engineered with the patent-pending microwobbleboard™, a technology which incorporates multi-density midsole that makes your leg muscles work harder than they do in standard-style trainers/sneakers or shoes, giving you a workout while you walk...ok..let's see if it works:)

settled for this, now

I wish I have my size in these colors and designs.

white with a hint of pink

in silver
in bronze

See...these built-in gym not bad at all right??


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