Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm leaving the company I had to surrender the most precious possesion to the HP Probook..uwaaaaaaargghhhhhh!!!!!:(

I've never own a lappie on my own..ever since I worked the companies have always provide me with lappie hubby always own I dont see the need for me to buy.....but again when times like this.....jobless..then I feel I need to own one....especially now being an active blogger..muahahaahaa..mcm real je..hikss

So peeps until my new company provide me with new will hear less from's not that people will miss me much..more on me missing u peeps

so for now..bye-bye lappie..see if I can hijack hubby's lappie at home or when he's asleep..I need sleeping pills as he seems to sleep later than me most of the nights muahhaaahaaaa.....(pardon my evil thoughts) wellllll......I'm a woman..... I need my beauty sleep while he doesn't:(

bye-bye baby...mommy gonna miss u:(

until we meet again...


diana sidek said...

hey u!!same case macam i lah. since i kerja, i pon x pernah have my own lappy. mmg tunggu company je bg.u will blog less??oh no!!ask ur new company cepat2 bg lappy ok! :)

screamingmommy said...

Diana : yess..kejap lagi nak pass them the laptop..asyik dpt free:) hopefully i'll get my lappie soon..but I did schedule a few posting this probably next week that I'll blog less:)

fizamior said...

jangan la blog lesss!!!!!!! uwaaaaa... nnt i miss you... hikhik.... try blogging through handphone! it's so much fun and FAST! :D

screamingmommy said...

Fiza : that's waht i heard from our frens..tapi I blm pernah try..will try nanti:)


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