Saturday, May 8, 2010

Date Night

As usual we are always behind when it comes to movies...but we are trying to catch up:) last weekend was our movie night..trying to catch Iron Man2 at Gardens..good seats only available wednesday onwards..ok???? no choice but to go to KLCC to watch Date Night as they don't show Date Night anymore at Premier Gardens

I know Mr Hubby was a bit reluctant to watch Date Night..but since I was the one doing the booking he was left with no off we went to KLCC

This movie is about a typical married couple who lives including their weekly date nights of dinner have become routine. So in the attempt to reignite the sparks they visit a trendy Manhattan restaurant where they use other couple's identity to get a table..which later turns into a chaos and gone awry.

Overall..I dont find it as amusing as the reviews's a bit slow at the beginning..the funny part mostly after 40 mins or so..but for us who have nothing else to watch we find it quite entertaining..but I wouldnt say it's the funniest:)

But, my husband and I can totally relate to this couple experience..the routine and all..yes I guess that part can be quite amusing:)

ok peeps..take care


Jabberholic said...

Not that good huh? Thot of catching it too. But, make sure you go and watch Iron Man 2. Oooohhh..Robert Downey Jr's hot!!

Lady of Leisure said...

ramai cakap ironman 2 best kan, i have to wait for the dvd... kalau nak dvd yang gambar cantik, lagi lama kene tunggu hehe...

Eti said...

Haven't seen the movie myself, since you think it's not amusing... I'll pass, tgu Astro je lah. But it reminds me that I should be going on a date night with hubby soon. long overdue! Sigh!

CiKaYu said...

tak best ke? baru plan nk tgk. go for ironman 2 instead.


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