Thursday, May 6, 2010

Review - the Jacket

Ok..this movie was from 2005, I'm waaaayyyyyy left behind sometimes..esp if those movies were not shown in our local cinemas.

I dont normally watched DVDs...95% of the movies we watched are either at the cinemas or ASTRO, reason being..we (my husband and I) couldn't give 100% concentration due to our piranhas kids who constantly seeking our undivided even on ASTRO we only watched movies showing at night..when their 'batteries' are running low so we can have more concentration:)

Last week, remember a friend of mine who just dumped his long-time boyfriend? yess..she handed me a bag full of old DVDs which they considered as "harta sepencarian" which she desperately needs to we divided among 3 friends, as usual I get to do it first leaving the left overs to the other unlucky two :( (pat..pat siku lipat..sapa cepat dia dapat...muaahaaahaaaaa!!!)

I'm a sucker for thriller and horror among those stories I decided to watched 'THE JACKET' as from the cover it looks like a horror movie to me...

The story is about a gulf war veteran who's wrongly sent to a mental intitution after apparently shoot a police officer which he simply does not remember. At the ward, he had to go through a treament which he's putting on "the jacket" which made him goes on journey to the future

The storyline was quite slow..but as it progressed I got hooked especially seeing the chemistry between Adrien Brody and Keira Knightley:) ..(so you peeps must be asking..which is the horror part?) yesss..basically it's not horror at all..they categorized this as 'thriller' even that I do not find much thrill except the chemistry of the two..:)

The verdict :

I love both Adrien and Keira (I was never a fan of Adrien Brody..i find this nose is too prominent..until I watched this movie..hikssss) and by the way, love the ending toooo...made it worth my 2 hours

she's flawlessly beautiful, isn't she?

until next time...


Lady of Leisure said...

hehe i dengar tajuk tu pun bunyi macam horror movie je kan... keira cantik kan, badan pun cantik... bila lah i nak slim mcm tu... ;P

screamingmommy said...

tu laa beb, kira thriller yg tak brapa thrill:) kiera tu kira perfect lah dari rupa sampai talent ceewah:)

Anonymous said...

cantik banget si keira ni. sandar kt dinding pun npk hot. bile i nak slim down cam cangkuk idung si adrien ni..

diana sidek said...

dia mmg sgt gorgeous. tgh body dia mcm tu, termotivated i kejap nak slim begitu. but bila pergi kitchen tgk my mom masak apa, terus hilang motivation itu.hihih!

ERMAYUM said...

i suka cite ni but confuse - naper u suka ending dia ye bukan happy pun kan? :) i tak ingat da but it git unique story line


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