Sunday, May 2, 2010

My new discovery : Maya & Ruhi

I found another talented designer!!!!!

Remember my posting about my obsession? Yesss..earlier I was looking highs and lows for the wire and stone rings..until someone from the blog suggested riqzmiecreations:)

The other day, I went out to KLCC and stumbled upon this accessories counter @Isetan selling stuffs from a Singaporean jewellery designer called Maya & Ruhi... so peeps in case you need to find these stuffs made from wire and can check out that counter, they also have in Bangsar Village and Robinsons, Gardens.

Coincidently that day I was wearing my the salesgirl asked "is that Maya & Ruhi?" so I told her.."uhh..uh no..this is from our local designer.." he..heee so Yati Salem is our version of Maya & Ruhi here in KL.

Price-wise of course our local designer just a fraction of what Maya & Ruhi's :)

Apart from wire and stone, Maya & Ruhi's collections have quite a range of other handmade jewelleries..I personally think she's one talented jewellery designer. The choices in Isetan are quite limited though, perhaps not much compared to the selections in Singapore itself....btw, it's in my list of 'must visit' when I go to singapore later....hoping the price will be cheaper;)

among the gorgeous selections from Maya & Ruhi..pretty eeehh???

Until next time...


Lady of Leisure said...

dari itu hari lagi i dok suka yang color turquoise tu... nampak sweet sangat....

ERMAYUM said...

SM u ni memang fashionable :) suka menda2 ni mesti u bergaya n cun kan kan kan :)

Ella said...

i dpt bygkan u bergaya dgn set big chunky ring and complete earing. hot mama..

i selalu pakai set earing yg murah2 beli kt Forever21 jek. hehe
tu pun selalu sgt hilang..
x berani nk beli yg mcm u beli ni..

Eti said...

they're all wonderful!!! love it! good thing I am wearing tudung or else i bet i'll be spending a lot on these. so now I settle for rings la...

so any chance of you blogging about all your accessories collection to date? should be interesting to see... i mean all! ha!ha!

screamingmommy said...

Lady : me too..i loiikee the turqoise tu..:)

erma : huwaaaaa...cik erma..i wish i'm as stylo as u imagined..tapi semuanya tidak benar..i just love the accesories..tapi bukan lah fashionista..hikss:)

Ella : beb i tak pakai earings pun sbb i pakai tudung..the pics tu saja for reference mana tahu adab yg berminat nak earings:)
i suka rings n necklace dia je;)
accesories ni i pun selalu hilang..maklum ada ramai anak dara..kekadang jumpa dlm bag sekolah diorg;(

Eti : me too..i pun pakai tudung beb..kalau tak teringin jugak nak pakai fancy earings ni..tapi takkan nak pakai 2 ala2 bienda yg tudung nampak telinga tu kan? *LOL*
alaaa beb..i bukannya byk pun lain lagiii byk..saja I mmg suka benda2 cantik ni;)

NZZ said...

the rantai turquoise tu very nice...takleh buat rantai, buat bracelet pun nice nih..

screamingmommy said...

NZZ : vey very true..i mmg suka turqouise tu..mangancam kan?


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