Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to dear hubby

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABA from his beloved munchkins : his favorite Chocolate strawberry cake

29th April is my husband's birthday..unfortunately he had to to leave early morning to Singapore on his birthday so we had to celebrate few days later, plus my parents in law were in Perth, they reached KL later that day..(purposely came back for his birthday..isn't that sweet?????)

So..screw my diet the whole week last week due to few celebrations..1 with my in laws, 1 with just us ; hubby, myself and our 3 lil' munchkins and lastly just my hubby and I.

My husband doesnt read my blog plus he doesnt even know I have one..I want to keep that way:) easier I nak mengata..muaahaaahaaa!!
but I still want to wish him here..Happy Birthday dear hubby...mmmuahh..!!

I know it's not easy for him to live with me..with my clumsiness and all the flaws...we have so many differences in so many ways...but I'm glad we found each other...he completes me:)

until next time..


fizamior said...

happy bday to ur hubby!

Mama want to try blogging said...

another taurus guy... we have surrounded by taurians.... (including me...:))

diana sidek said...

happy happy happy bday to screaming mommy's hubby-screaming daddy!have a great weekend with your munchkins eh. :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet.....happy besday Mr SM. have a lovely weekend dear...

Lady of Leisure said...

(((I want to keep that way:) easier I nak mengata..muaahaaahaaa!!)))

i like that part, comel sangat hehe... anyway happy birthday to your husband... semoga murah rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, diberkati selalu n semoga kebahagiaan both of u berkekalan..

TK said...

Happy Birthday to your hub! He doesnt know u have a blog? Thats cool. Have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's day too!

ERMAYUM said...

happy birthday to yr hubby :)


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