Friday, March 12, 2010

Ya Allah Ya tuhanku...kau berilah kerja ini kepadaku

I got an email from my so called "to be" boss, tapi sebab it was sent to my personal mail, I didnt realized there's an important e-mail (yang bakal mengubah hidup saya) she proposed to meet up with me in bangsar yesterday at 6.30pm. I opened the mail at 5.30, berpinar2 mata..sempat ke nak terkedek2 drive ke bangsar at this hour, she didnt give her mobile no pulak tu..I had to call the company and asked for her no..takut she was in the meeting, I text her..hoping dia kata tak jadi..(semalam dah laa pakai selekeh and not prepared to meet her, she's theVP)

So I quietly left office at 5.45..dah tu federal hi-way jam yang amat..finally reached there 5 mins after 6.30, kira punctual laa..thanks to valet service yg memudahkan segalanya (I cant survive without valet, sbb saya not an efficient driver)

So I headed straight to coffee bean..then I called her..she's still on the road stuck trying to be nice to my "hopefully soon to be" boss.. I texted her "dont worry..take your time, I'll occupy myself surfing the net" but the truth is, I headed to ZARA and ALDO instead..after 40 mins..I went down takut dia dah sampai kan nanti pecah tembelang:)

Then shortly she called.."hey, where are you?"
"next to the counter" I said..
"I didn't see you" she said
"Here, behind the pillar" I said
"where?" she said
"wait a minute..u mean Bangsar Village right????" I said
"U mean bangsar village has coffee bean????"she puzzled
"OMG, I'm in BSC" she said again
"@!#$%^&*()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (in my mind)
She was nice as she offered to come over, but I didnt feel that's nice to do (actually I dont want to ruin the chance of getting my dream job..he..hee) in fact she told me she was with her SVP which she intended to conclude the interview immediately. (rather than few rounds of interviews)

so I drove laa ke BSC and we met laa..(she's a very attractive chinese lady, friendly and smart) so we talked about my current job, my previous job (she's working with my previous company and left 2 yrs before I joined). Things she needs my help (if I got the job), our family, our former colleagues etc. Half way through, the SVP came and join us after his meeting with clients...I left 9 pm +++++.

The verdict..I still do not know my fate, but she told me to text her if her HR has not contacted me by next friday.

I've not been to many interviews in my career life..but the last interview for my current job, I was not nervous at all..I dont bother to even think if I will fail the interview..but last night for this most hopeful job of my life..I got anxious and woke up at 4am this morning thinking about the possibilities..:(

I pray hard for this job..i seriously want this job:(


Lady of Leisure said...

all the best to u... i doakan u dapat this job yer... :)

ERMAYUM said...

heheh we always assume i penah gak kena g dinner kat san francisso sibuk tanya u mana sini sana heheh rupanya sorang kat midvalley and sorang lagi kat klcc heheh

insyaAllah dear if it is your rezeki it will be yours k :)

Watie said...

you'll get that job, InsyaAllah:)

imthiyas said...

Dont worry guys. Allah will help you.


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