Monday, March 15, 2010

Kasih mak

I'm sure you guys have read the about Benjy, Azean's eldest son. Masa I baca yesterday's paper..I was devastated, I totally understand when she said "hati saya luluh"..the part yg I rasa paling touching "K.Yan nak sangat jumpa dia, nak peluk dia, nak cakap walau apa pun terjadi, Ben tetap anak mama, Mama tetap sayangkan ben" the moment i read this, bergenang air mata..mother's love is unconditional..some people said even your spouse cannot guarantee you an unconditional love..only mothers can...somehow I sort of agree especially when you, yourself is a mother

Imagine we are in her situation, sedihnya..dan beratnya dugaan tuhan pada dia.

Being a mom, I can imagine kalau boleh trade places, I'm sure she doesn't mind nak ganti kan anak dia to be punished. I would do the same if it's my much possible you want to protect them, especially in this current world..very hard to raise a child nak make sure they are always save, they are well taken care of, most of all you want them to be happy all the time not even a moment of despair.

Look at us now, when our child cranky pun we get devastated, sebab we know something is bothering the kid..sigh:( susah being a mom in a sense a lot of things to be worried compared to when you are single..

Let alone if you know your son is going to be HANGED..that's the worst a mother could have endured.

I pray that Allah will give her strength to face this challenge


ERMAYUM said...

betul tu - i tak follow case ni tapi ada la terdengar - confirm ye dia kena hang. sian kak yan jahat jahat anak tetap anak pda seorang ibu

screamingmommy said...

Betul ermayum, kesian dia:(
belum confirm hanged sbb case belum trial, but kalau ikutkan evidence tu dia should kena hukuman mati mandatory, perhaps that's why azean tu sedih sgt

Lady of Leisure said...

keisan dia kan, dalam terjah ada lagi malam ni kan sesi interview dengan kak yan... sedih tgk dia.. huhu

screamingmommy said...

Hi Lady, yes, kesian and wartawan still nak bother her considering her current situation with cancer and all:(


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