Thursday, March 25, 2010

I read book

Yes, I don't normally read books (please read : novel is not considered book :)) especially with 3 little kids who constantly crave for my attention..sometimes they even pull my head to look straight into their eyes making sure I'm giving undivided attention when they reading serious materials that equally needs my undivided attention is a NO..NO... the last book i read was "the secret" about 2 yrs ago..lama sangat laa tu, back then I had time to read as I commuted via LRT and reading book for me then, was a way to endure our public transport system;) Last weekend, after my jogging session with hubby at KLCC park we decided to go to kinokuniya and seize the opportunity of having no kids with us running around at the book store..... hubby then, decided to buy me this book: he said this might be helpful as I've always give in too much at the workplace and in a corporate world..that's not a wise conduct
Looking at the title, looks interesting (negativity always tend to attract me) so I started to flip page by page looking for the miracle like what i discovered in "The Secret" or "7 habits of highly effective people"..very dissapointing..the negative tittle reflects in the content..

It listed the annoying types of co-workers you might have, the authors identified "10 least wanted" which I dont find it helpful though.

When I read..I just feel that the authors are both very negative people..I dont know perhaps others beg to differ..but that's my personal opinion of this book..A TOTAL DISSAPOINTMENT. Perhaps the books I read earlier always emphasized on "bersangka baik":) my 2010 resolution to read more books dampened..need a new momentum to start over...perhaps you peeps have suggestion of any other motivational books?


Lady of Leisure said...

motivational books ek?
what about 'who moved my cheese'? and 'men r from mars, women r from venus'? hehe.. my fav ni, tapi i tak baca the book, prefer the audio book.. ngeeee...
btw ada tag and award for u in my blog/...

screamingmommy said...

yess..those kind of book, I've read those 2, but long..long time ago..kena cari balik and baca.:)kena refresh.
Btw, ya..I baru tgk..tq:) so sweet of u:)


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