Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A good place to chill with the girlfriends

If you are looking for a place to chill or having a "cik kiah session" I would like to recommend this place for hi-tea - Carcosa Sri Negara, not so much of the food as it's very ordinary even Delicious has better hi-tea..but it's the ambience..very quiet, green surrounding (hutan belantara) with the english deco..it's totally a good spot for cik kiah session;)

I went there last weekend to treat my BFFs dan as belated birthday treat to one of them..these are the people yg memang really understand me, my clumsiness and these are the people (tak ramai pun 2-3 org je)yg I will call to share my happiness, frustration etc..these also cik kiahs yg share the same interest with me about handbags, shoes yg tebalkan muka melawat boutiques2 in klcc, keluar masuk every other day (but tak beli pun..) and we will MMS each other kalau dapat "hasil tangkapan baru" let it be shoes, bag ke baju ke scarves ke..saja nak menayang to each other and share the excitement..... dan we can tell each other off kalau fashion sense tu out or ngeri mata memandang:) of all, my fashion sense laa yg tak boleh pakai sangat..he..hee..

So back to this place..price wise quite ok considering the 5* hospitality, food wise so-so..portion is quite small..u better have a good lunch before coming here sebab food dia sikit dan takde additional food like pasta ke mee ke atau food yang biasa available during hi-tea buffet.
They have choices of English (comes with scone) and Malay. English RM60++, Malay RM65++

So in case you plan for girls day out on weekends or with your other half and looking for quiet place to chill while sipping tea at the verandah overlooking the lush green tropical forest..this is the place. Enjoy some of the views I managed to snap the other day:)


Lady of Leisure said...

bestnya... nampak so english kan tempat ni... kalau for dinner pun ada juga ke?

screamingmommy said...

Hi Lady, dinner pun available, cuma bukan kat verendah tapi kat dining hall:)dining hall punya setting pun cantik

ERMAYUM said...

ha best la kalu nak something different- i pernah pg a few years back ngan boss:) boss lanjo betul food high tea dia takl a byk mana - and mahal kalau nak compare ngan food yang sikit tuhehe but the ambiance scenery all that memang class la

Me, Mrs Taj said...

nice place to date too..heheh

screamingmommy said...

Ermayum : yes, esp yg big eater like me mmg find the portion is pretty small:)
Mrs Taj : good place sbb quiet:)


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