Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ostrich a.k.a burung unta

I never knew we can actually eat ostrich meat, not until recently when my father in law's best friend craving for ostrich meat, as usual I'm the one they turned to, to source for anything..anything at all under the sun.

So googled (it's not even difficult, but my in laws always impressed that menantu dia ni serba tau..haa.haa) I found this farm called Jelita Ostrich Farm at Jalan Jelebu (about 13KM from seremban) I dont understand why it's called JELITA..macam tak jive aje dgn ostrich..lain la kalau farm peacock ke..
Anyway, I didnt get to go sbb they want it quite urgently so my husband had to go and bought yesterday . The meat is quite pricey, RM60/kg...and the egg is RM50 each, but it's huge and equavalent to 24 chicken eggs..banyak tu:) According to the people at the farm (trying to justify the cost of an egg) the ostrich quite mengada2, if hujan they refused to bertelur, if panas sangat pun dia refused, normally 1 ostrich bertelur sebiji sebulan if weather is good then 2 biji kira justified laa harga mahal dia tu:)

by the way, the ostrich meat does have a texture similar to beef but is very dry hence it has lower fat and calorie content. So to conclude, Ostrich meat has the nutritinal advantages of beef without the calories that make beef so unhealthy. Again judging from the price..I'll think twice to replace this meat with beef:)
Ostrich meat-(Pic taken from google)

The egg pulak my kids and I didnt get to see, sbb my husband bought just 1 and the uncle yg mengidam tu nak jugak telur ostrich..if not my kids get to see telur "dinasour", but according to him the shell is hard, I guess to break it open you need to use hammer or drill..mannnn..that's another hassle kan?

Ostrich egg Vs chicken egg Vs bird egg

note : tak sempat ambik gambar so all pictures from google.


Lady of Leisure said...

ya ampun besarnya telur ostrich ni, telur dia pun boleh makan ke? i think kalau buat telur dadar pakai telur ostrich ni mau dekat 6-7 orang boleh makan ni hehehe....

screamingmommy said...

lady: equavalent to 24 biji telur ayam:)


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