Friday, March 5, 2010


Twins..talking about twins, ramai yg wish nak twins sebab katanya, senang..sekali pregnant dah boleh dapat multiple. I had my fair share of raising twins (let me talk about raising twins another time, though)
Hari ni, I nak kongsi cerita about this incidents I had with 2 of my close girl friends, A is my close friend masa I kat boarding school dulu, B is my housemate masa I kat US during my university days. Kebetulan A and B are close friends, they were classmates masa sekolah rendah.

Mid 2008, I pegi outstation kat Penang so these 2 ladies came and see me kat airport while waiting for my flight back to KL, as usual talking about twins, they both so excited and cakap I cheated sebab I only had to conceive twice to have 3 kids, while they had to go through 3 pregnancies and wish if they too can have twins, like asking me, the tips etc (which I have none to share)..both were planning for their last one (the fourth child) and hoping to get twins.

Few months passed, one day I received a call from B asking about twins pregnancy!!!!!! she's having twins..we were all excited to hear the news..she delivered mid 2009, identical boys.

While A was still contemplating whether or not to conceive for her fourth child..then early this year finally she's ready and wanted to give a shot sebelum tutup kedai kata she finally got pregnant..guess what????? she's also having twins

I couldn't stop thinking pasal how coincident that both of them dapat twins..A is expected to give birth in October this year.

Sometimes I terfikir, possible tak masa we all berborak and berharap tu, pintu langit terbuka masa our wishes (doa) di makbulkan:)

I'm so happy for both of them


ERMAYUM said...

tgkn i enrty ni pun i tertinggal alahaiiiiiiii - comel nya gambar last ni omel betul
maybe yr berkat tempias kat they all - u know masa i pregnnat i suka bagi berkat baby i kat org yg takda anak - nak amek biarla pregnnat heheh terus pregnant u kekekek
apa apa pun kuasa ALlah kan :)

Mummy Nana said...

bestnyakan. u and ur frens dpt twin..btw.. ada tips ke?? or u buat apa ek masa b4 u pregnant twins tu?? heheh..


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