Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Broken hearted - a cinderella story

When I first knew about this incident happening to my very dear friend, I cried...I cried sampai teresak2. I had to hide myself at a discussion corner in the office sebab malu nak balik to my workstation mata bengkak nangis.
Her life prior to this was like a cinderalla..she met a consultant from an international firm with a degree from an ivy league. Very good and established family background, very highly paid salary..basically everything about the guy was perfect...they soon decided to get married eventhough the inlaws didnt really like her as she's not in the same league..kata mereka but the guy fought and they finally got married.

The husband was very loving, they vacation to all sort of places following the husband whenever he went for conferences, they had kids ramai...sort of every year laa my friend ni conceived, then the last one born, they husband suggested her to stay at home to spend times with kids since kata dia tak boleh nak rely on the maid 100%. She quit and the husband bought her a luxury car nak senangkan dia hantar ambik anak from school.

Then slowly she realized the husband was getting cold towards actually started during her last pregnancy, but since the husband was part of the management team for a well established company she thought it could be due to work stress. day, her youngest sister suggested that the husband could be having an affair..and she think the other woman is her other sister, kira my friend punya adik yang used to stay with her during her internship.

For your info, my friend ni memang comel je orang nya, petite and soft spoken...The part yg I menangis tu..she told me when she confronted the husband..he lost his temper and beat her and slammed her on the floor, things he had never done to her all their married life...I tak tahu dari mana suddenly this monster emerged. I know them really well so when I got to know about this I just couldn't stop thinking..bila terfikir I menangis, malangnya nasib my cinderalla...dia bukan orang senang, before she met the husband her life memang susah, gaji dia mostly hantar kampung tampung adik2 sekolah termasuk lah adik yg ada affair dgn husband dia ingatkan bila dah kahwin this guy boleh lindungi dia..

Dia tak kerja..ask for divorce, the husband tak nak let go, ugut nak take away all the kids. At the same time nak keep the sister as his mistress.

The family can't do anything..they all hopeless..sama macam kami kawan2 tak mampu nak tolong..all we can do is to pray and hoping Allah will give her strength to go through this. She's just bertahan for the kids, sebab takut they all hidup susah if the husband stop all his financial aid..


Lady of Leisure said...

sedih i membacanya... :'(...
semoga dia diberkati Allah selalu..

screamingmommy said...

Yes lady:( she got beaten up again last week bila husband found out she's planning to report to Majlis agama

SOHO Mama said...

Cukup tak suka men who beat up their wives. Just because the wife is smaller & not as strong. Memang tak sangka kan, benda2 yang kita tengok kat TV masih banyak berlaku in real life. That's why they make it into tv shows/movies, I guess :(

screamingmommy said...

Hi soho mama, yes and the other woman is her own sister, who's in the sound mind could have done that to their kakak kandung:( it's not dia tak tahu kakak dia kena sepak terajang by her so-called lover:(


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