Thursday, March 11, 2010

Forgetful a.k.a Nyanyuk

I'm soooo forgetful...I do not know how else to do nak elak things dari terlupa..not all things I lupa though..especially the negative one I mmg tak forgetful at all in fact
kalau bab2 orang cakap "I can forgive but will not forget"..yg ni memang laaa..dont worry I tak lupa.. sigh:)

Ini yg I lupa mostly benda2 yg sometimes can be major..contohnya; last year I was going to Bali, my flight supposed to be in the morning,I told my husband it's in the afternoon, I didnt even bother to check the tickets..until around 3pm when we were supposed leaving for airport (I blamed it on him as he asked me to do a lot of his travel arrangements that I got mixed up plus my own trip with my girlfriends in 3 weeks times)

Unfortunately the hotel for that day was already prepaid and we happened to fly with burnt laa tickets..nak tak nak kena beli new tickets sebab hotels for 5 nights I've paid way before,you can imagine buying airasia tickets last's really cekik darah man!!..since no choice we had to fork out RM 1K++ due to my absent minded...nasib 1 way.

The latest one our movie avoid long queue we bought the tickets in the morning for the night show..dah laa from my house to the shopping mall on weekend night memang jammed..only bila nak send the car for valet I realized my tickets were not with me..u can imagine a sudden rush of blood ke muka I..takut my husband marah..this is all sebab konon tukar of my bad habbit I suka tukar2 handbags ikut baju konon and I frequently lupa husband was so pissed he told the valet guy not to park the car and we left..:(

Kalau kerja pulak..I selalu tertinggal laptop kat my husband had to send to the office if he's not in town then I kena laa tebalkan muka pinjam from my department for any exra laptop dan suffer the consequences sebab files takde nak buat kerja:(

Tertinggal barang sana sini tu memang normal..tertinggal laptop kat restaurant laa..tertinggal handphone kat meeting room laa..endless ok?

I was adviced by my friends to take gingko..maybe I need that ..and they said things like this only happened to me:( like cronic cases gitu


Lady of Leisure said...

i think, i too need the gingko... :-D

screamingmommy said...

ha..haa..ur case sure tak cronic cam I ni, dah kira gone case:)

ERMAYUM said...

hi dear tq follow- i cari shout box tak jumpa -
- nice blog u got here
sian u pasal lupa2 ni i lupa gak but lum tahap gaban lagi dulu iya kot but my hubby ngamuk 2 and I have to approve la heeheh
u have to work on it jugak dear-- cuba bertenang - be more extra cautious- u kata kalu tukar handbag mesti ada yg tertinggal then make sure every time tukar handbag transferkan semua -
try k :)
i will go tru yr other entry nanti hhehe kat office ni -
tq again :)


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