Monday, March 8, 2010

Diet part 2

I have been missing my squash classes since early february, both my coach and I were busy, it's either dia ada tournament, or Bukit Jalil courts full sebab the "real" players were training for the tournaments or I was out of town on weekends, until yesterday baru I dapat attend the class, which means he has not received any feedback from me on my diet program:) (I was given his personal email to update him on my daily progress)

So yesterday once he saw me, "eeehhhhh..I think you lost weight!" apa lagi I pun melompat with joy laa..dah laa the day before my beautician yg I dah abondoned for 3 months commented the same..I guess the diet program works.

Then my coach was telling me about the new program he and the wife are planning to start. this is considered the second phase. The program is for 10 days. 5 days diet, 1 day break and continue again for 5 days. That doesnt sounds too bad isn't it??

The program is purely to detox your body, NO MEAT..any kind of animal's meat. But you can eat all sort of vegetables, fruits and soy products, like soya bean and tofu, you can also eat nuts such as pecan, almonds..he even suggested to take granola bar or power bar if in between meals I got hit with the hunger pangs but cannot be too many bars laa, moderate one bar and a mug of plain water to make the hunger go away. You can keep muching the apple in between meals

To start this programme for 5 days..susahnya nak mula..pagi2 lagi I dah "termakan" bread with peanut butter yg my maid prepared for my girls..hmm..scratching my head fikir bila nak start ni......I guess for me I would rather run for 20 KMs than letting go of my chicken, fish or my favorite Steak @chillis:(

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ERMAYUM said...

this one also why i never read? all this u post current or u draft and post later?

anyway glad that it works - apa beza semua ni dgn berlapar berhari hari iya- bila kita berlapar tak la kurus lak


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