Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my clumsiness part 1

I know for sure I'm clumsy and forgetful..series of things to confirm..

Somehow I think, I do have amnesia occasionally:( My phone is one of the victim of my so called clumsiness...misplaced or temperarily lost are extremely common..left the phone at home can happened to me 100 times a year..classic case...!!! even today I do not have my handphone with me:(

Last year..I lost a phone which was given to me by my husband...after tired of me using his spare phone, he bought me a new one..one thing about me, I dont normally backed up all the data inside..which by right, for people of my species (nyanyuk type) should have:( so I had to go through all the trouble looking for important numbers all over again...sigh!!!!

Anyway, middle of last year our office organized this event where all of us had to switch floors, those in ground floor moved to 4th and so on..

So, we had to clear our locker (which I used once in every few months)..suddenly i saw a purple string which was used for my "lost" phone..so I thought "why the hell I keep this string? and why on earth I detached from the phone?".............

and guess what????? tadddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...the "lost phone" was inside there..lying comfortably among all the papers. This is more than 3 months after I got my replacement phone:(

can you imagine?????..I actually put the phone inside the locker..locked it up...went home realize the phone was gone...and conveniently quietly blaming the bangla and indonesian cleaners..I felt so bad that I wish I can go to each every one of them to apologize for my ruthless thought:(

lesson learned from this..besides backing up all the data..dont simply blame others:(

until then...


TK said...

I pun macam tu lah..everytime hilang barang I dlm hati slalu nak tuduh my maid. Padahal kita yg nyanyuk! Kalau ada short term memory clinic tu, for sure my hubby hantar I ke situ. Byk dah harta dia ku hilangkan..hehe

screamingmommy said...
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ERMAYUM said...

hehehe i lupa gak but tak teruk tahap gaban lagi kot ehehe

screamingmommy said...

Ermayum: ha...haaa..I tahu, i ni dah tahap gaban beb:)


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