Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who is your favorite Idol?

Ok I've to admit sometimes I do have soft spots towards certain looks..especially those with innocent looks..I feel pity for them and I tell you... these people can get away with almost anything with me:)

Aaron Kelly from American Idol of current season is one of them..seriously I would vote for him if we are allowed to vote here in Malaysia..I surely will use up all the allocation for my mobile phone usage voting and of course my bill is paid by the company.....muahaaahaaa!!!

Tonight he sang “You’ve Got a Way” by Shania Twain..and it almost brought tears to me and I couldn't stop smiling as all the judges were moved by his singing and passing good comments...

Way to goooo kid....!!! wohoooooooooo

By the way, apart from his looks..he also comes from a difficult upbringing, and he's just 16;)

until next time..


Lady of Leisure said...

i jawab kat sini yer,
amelia tu cerita pasal american pilot(pompuan) yang hilang masa fly over pacific ocean, hilary swank berlakonkan balik, kisah benar ni best... tapi sedih... :(

TK said...

I dont watch American Idol and I dont know this cute boy. Byk betul I miss nowadays. He does look innocent! Nyanyi lagu Shania Twain mestilah sedap. I suka sgt Shania Twain..

ICA said...

sadly I too tak tengok american idol. my girls control the remote....:((

zarin said...

babe! i pun suka tengok his face yg sooo innocent tu..and his sweet smile tooo :D
i really really hope he will win:D

Anonymous said...

tak tau jugak..sbb tak follow ;)

screamingmommy said...

Lady : sounds interesting..nanti I nak cari laa DVD this weekend since next week amat free nak jadi cam u lady of leisure for a week..hee..hee!

TK : I tak follow sgt pun tapi kebetulan each time this boy perform happened that i bukak channel tu:)

ICA : I pun sama most of the time cuma kebetulan ada time angin diorg baik kasi i contol:)

Zarin : yessss beb..!!!! i pun sama harap sangat laaa dia menang..walau i tahu amat lah american Kan tak mcm kita..diorg vote based on who's the best *sigh* kalau akedemi fantasia..ths boy sure menang..hiks

Honeylanz : hee.hee..takpe tak follow tapi kalau kebetulan tgk tu..cuba u perhati muka dia kesian habis u..!!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

i love Lee & crystal.. i think both of them will be in the finall hahaha.. giler confident!! :P

btw, bloghoping from my sista's blog, Jem & Yanie..

screamingmommy said...

Zulaikha : thnks for stopping by:)
yes..I do think Lee n Crystal have superb's just aaron has more 'kesian' look:)

n..i love Jem & Yanie's blog..very interesting:) do u hv blog as well? will drop by:)


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