Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's kill time...!!!

I heart this paperbag a lot (one of the items I got from BAKE with YEN...i 've decided to order more for allysha's party packs in July:)

Steamed Chocolate Cuppies with Chocolate Ganache Topping

A couple of weeks ago, I made a trip to Bake with Yen in Bandar Puteri Puchong, I'm sure you peeps know this shop well..especially those 'nigella or anna olson wannabe" they have one in Chow Kit, of course given a choice, Puchong is much better choice for me.. I was asked by my mother in law of course, she needs a few things for her sister (my mak ngah) but as I entered the shop...
I was like a little girl in a candy shop.. from a few items listed in a small piece of paper becomes a trolley full of baking stuffs;(

I went crazy with boxes, the cuppies stuff..even the paper bagssss....they have coloured cups for the cuppies...yeeyyyy!!! I picked Orange cups

and that happened a couple of weeks ago...the stuffs i bought still intact somewhere in my kitchen cabinet until last weeked when my husband was extremely busy meeting the dateline...I decided to bake to kill time..and also partly because i found the cuppies box I bought weeks before:)

My kids love chocolate..anything with chocolate flavor, hence I decided to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping...

Chocolate cake (i steamed using steamer rather than baking using oven)


70 g cocoa powder
80g sugar
1 cup of water

(stir this mixture with a whisk over medium heat until smooth..and leave the mixture to cool)

250g butter
280 g castor sugar (you can reduce if you dont like "too sweet" taste for the cake)
240 g Flour
2 tea spoon of soda bicarbonate (added to the flour )
2 tea spoon of essence vanilla
6-7 eggs

Beat the butter using Mixer at medium speed, until it becomes creamy, add in sugar..beat until the mixture turn to almost white, add in at a time..
add esssence vanilla..
Pour the chocolate mixture..continure beating..and lastly add in flour
mix them well until the texture smooth and velvety

Then it's ready to be baked or steamed..(I like steamed as the cake is moist)

Chocolate Ganache

500g baking chocolate
450 liters of whipping cream
100 g of butter


Chopped the chocolate , place them in a bowl and put aside
Heat cream and butter in a saucepan over a medium heat, bring just to a boil
immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate..
stir with a whisk until smooth and velvety

Chocolate Ganache

If you want to decorate a cupcake..let it cool and put inside the fridge for 24 hours until the mixture is hard enough to be piped

I have a slightly different cater for my lil' piranhaskids......i just poured over my cuppies while it's still in liquid form as my kids cannot wait for the next 24 hours.. if I insist to wait..there might be no more cuppies to be "ganeched' the next day..muaahhhaaa..haaaa
I'm telling's not easy to feed them with chocolate ganache..I've to thank my's extremely messy..they had to change clothes couple of times on that they soiled the dress each time they take a bite at the cuppies..*sigh*

note :

if you have chocolate ganache can use that to make truffles....make it like a small ball and rolled into cocoa powder..chilled it .. i guarantee u..memang YUMMMMM!!!

the reason i made cuppies this time.
Inspired by this pretty box...trying to find a reason to use it

the box can fit in 12 pcs of medium size cuppies

I just need a reason to use the box..even if it doesn't make sense to keep cuppies in a box while serving my own lil' piranhas kids ;)

in case you are confused with my instructions..feel free to drop a question..i guarantee you the kids love these cuppies n truffles... unlike my case..the ganache were gone even before I can rolled into cocoa powder:( *sigh*

happy baking peeps..

until then...


Yummy Mummy said...

Waaahh, Mommy, ini sangat best, they look so lovely and menyelerakan and very sinful! Sangat menggiurkan, ME LOVE CHOC!!!

screamingmommy said...

YM : haa..haaa..sgt sinful esp ppl like us yg kena careful with calories intake;)

ICA said...

Finger lickin good.... Ni I tengok ja tu. Blm cuba buat and rasa lagi dah tau it'll surely be delicious. Anything with chocolate is a must try..... thanks for the recipes..

LadyofLeisure said...

Hi SM :)

mmg sgt menggiurkan - the cuppiecakes, the cuppies themselves, the box, even your flowery paperbag i suka! i love flowers esp the ones with bold colours. i pun nak try lah your recipe. esp the choc ganache. tak pernah really tahu camane nak buat choc ganache eventho, like YM, i am choc-fanatic.

thanks babe for the entry! Xxx

screamingmommy said...

ICA : yessss beb, yummilicious..i guaranteee u:)

LadyL : I'm telling u..kalau pegi that shop..mesti u go crazeeeee beb:) Btw u should try the choc ganache..then make trouffles out of it..tak nyesal buat;)

CiKaYu said...

wowo...u make me want the cuppies immediately, i mean right now...mana nak cari tgh2 ujan ni ....i luv choc. luv so much. thanx for the tips & recipe.

screamingmommy said...

CikAyu : alamak!! sorry beb buat u termengidam hujan2 ni:)

NZZ said...

look so yummylicious, I'm sure it taste yummy too, alamak tetiba rasa nak makan cuppies lah pulak!!!

TK said...

Memang rambang mata pegi bake with yen tu. Penuh bakul!Semua nak angkut. I have the habit of buying all the stuffs lepas tu tak buat! Tepung sampai keluar kutu beb!

Azmiezas said...

I pun suka pegi situ,..dekat jer dgn my house..meamng rambang mata kalau masuk situ kan??..n i like ur choc cakes tu,..nampak sungguh yummy3x..

Yat Maria said...

hi..stumbled upon yr blog from zarin's..nice place :) nak tanya sikit..for chocolate trufflres..must u keep the ganache over 24 hrd baru roll into cocoa powder? TQ

screamingmommy said...

NZZ : haa..haa..esp kalau petang2 tgk cuppies..terus blh mengidam;)

TK : Beb..sama lah kita...i ni pun ada byk lagi items yg tak tahu bila nak guna..kekadang dah setahun expired..he..hee..:)tapi tgk rasa nak beli:)

Azmiezas : untung u kedai tu dekat..I ni jauh laa jugak n agak jam sikit nak pass by IOI mall area tu..tapi sbb tempat tu harga dia murah n byk choice i panjangkan langkah pegi jugak:)

Yat : kalau nak buat truffles, not necessarily 24 hours..tapi make sure dia dah boleh dibentuk..then it's good to roll into cocoa powder sbb kalau cair susah nak bentuk kan? happy trying:) n thnks for stopping by

Mummy Nana said...

OMG... the cuppies look so yummie... and the cases boxes... etc..etc... I mesti giller pegi kedai tu.. I xobsessed sgt dgn baju.. but not these mengarut2 thing... boleh bankrupt.. errr. ada website ke kadai nie??? boleh beli online??

mJ said...

slurrrrppp...the topping looks yummeh!!! tak semena2 meleleh air liur kuuu....ehem, u can use the box as a gift for me hehehe :p

screamingmommy said...

MN : this is the website..but I hve to warn u..the managers there normally not the friendly species..a few times i almost lost my temper there..he..hee..but again because the price so far the cheapest plus the variety..I had no choice;(

mJ : yesss..boleh2 the box pun ada byk variety..;)


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