Sunday, April 18, 2010

Review - Nails extreme

I'm supposed to blog about this 2 weeks ago..keep forgetting until I stumble upon these photos while cleaning up my D drive (gettin ready to leave for new office..yeyyyyyy!!)

My bff has been asking me to try Meni & Pedi at this place since donkey years ago (exagerating:)) and normally her recommendations never fail me:) the place is a bit out of my area hence I keep delaying and instead going to places nearby each time

So that particular part of my treat for her birthday we went to this place together...

My review :

Location : the parking is a bit of problem as it's at the TAIPAN where it's famous for insufficient parking spots...we ended up parked at the nearby indoor parking.

The service : I like it very much..very thorough..and professional unlike Kuku bar in bangsar where the indonesian manucurists were gossiping with each other as if you dont exist:(

It also provides massage chair where you can relax while they are doing your pedicure..heaven! Since I was there with my Bff, we requested to be seated next to each other so that we do not need to shout while gossiping:)

And you know what? They even have manicure for kids..I planned to bring Allysha next time around..she will love this..everytime I went home with shiny nails..she will noticed at a first glance I entered the house

The verdict : we enjoyed our sessions!! money well spent, I dont mind coming here again

As expected..the moment allysha saw my nails..she made me be her manucurist "mommy buat manicure ye? kakak nak jugak..tolong buat sampai shine ok?".......sighhhh....susah ada anak dara ni..

until then..


ERMAYUM said...

woi babe i tak pernah pg tak reti heheh but bila buat sendiri pkai benda yg body shop jual tu teruja gak lawa ja kuku ni malas nak masuk dapur ni kalu i g cam u ni lagi la malas masuk dapur takut kuku tak shine da heheh
amboi anak dara kecik dah pandai semua nak ikut mak kan - tak cukup ngan liptic beg tgn hmmm girls being girls:)

screamingmommy said...

Ye lah beb..ada anak dara ni..smua mak buat dia nak ikut:) I pun pegi kilat sehari 2 je..lps tu terus kelam..

Eti said...

I have always loved a good mani&pedi session too. Like you, I also have a very observant anak dara... the minute she sees my buffed nails she'll notice and examine it & interogate me to death... he!he! I promised to take her as soon as her nails are a little wider... halus sangat pun sekarang nie.

fizamior said...

bestnye! bestnye! kat mane ek tmpat yg u buat nih... owh! having 3 anak dara sure rawk kan? heaven ... heaven.... :D

N A N I E said...

haha so sweet doter u tanya cenggitu..beshnyer buat treatment mani& suke naarrr bebende camni.. :)

TK said...

Wah..bestnya..memanjakan kuku dan jari...dah lama tak pegi meni pedi. The last time buat months ago kat Bukit Bintang..

screamingmommy said...

Eti : tu lah ada anak dara..semua yg mak buat dia nak buat sama:) but that's the fun part kan?

Fiza : tempat ni, Nails Extreme kat Taipan:)bisalah ada 3 anak dara..kecoh beb:)

Nanie : biasa lah beb, kalau org buatkan..memang best, rasa cam mem pun ada..he..hee;)

TK : sebulan sekali manja kan diri konon laa kan?

Azmiezas said...

Syoknya..sekali sekala manjakan segala kuku kaka pun best jugak kan??..hehehe..

Drama Mama said...

lama tak go for pedi & meni. bestnya!

MY said...


Couldnt agree more with your comment on Kuku Bar. Experienced the same thing. :(


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