Friday, April 2, 2010

My fail attempt:(

Ok..I fail miserably last night.

Blame it on my contact lense..I've been in discomfort due to stupid lense this whole week, so yesterday I decided, I had enough..on the way back I stopped by at the nearby mall determined to dispose the current lense and get a new one...

I was fasting, and mr hubby was having his evening routine - playing I thought it's a good thing as I can use that excuse to breaking fast alone with my KELLOGG's K ...

As fate would have I was about to leave the optical shop...taddddaaaaaaaaaaaaa....MR TEPPANYAKI was just few steps away..SALMON TEPPANYAKI.....!!!!!
Contemplating..SALMON..Kellogg's K..Salmon..Kellogg's K...Salmon..Kellogs K.....








Of course..SALMON won..what do you expect right??? there goes my determination..goes down the drain:(

With oil, butter, salt, rice etc...made it very very sinful and yummy!!!! I had to refrain myself from finishing the whole bowl of rice..but still 2/3 finished:(

So basically that's what happened to my semangat yg berkobar in the today I started right..had my first bowl of Kellogg's K, a cup of coffee in the morning..afternoon ..caesar salad..(yummmmm!!!!)

I finished this huge portion this afternoon with 3 glasses of apple juice (slightly excessive in sugar intake:( )

Pray hard I would stick to the rules for the rest of the day..! Ya Allah berilah Aku kekuatan!

Yang sedang berusaha...


Lady of Leisure said...

sekali sekala its ok hehehhe...

screamingmommy said...

Lady: haa.haa.itu lah yg I nak dengar..:)

I.Q.W.A said...

saya pon selalu skip diet.. rasa nak bunuh diri je.. haha.. over

ERMAYUM said...

babe i termiss this post laaa ala ok la tu u said u posa kan - satu hari berlapar - buka posa food is yr reward - okla tu berbaloi heeheh
byw i bedal 2 nasi lemak today because i tapau one for my friend dia lak mc i sayang nak buang nasi tu i offer semua org taknak da kenyang la apa eheheh


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