Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My easy-peasy recipe for my kids

Being a lazy busy working mom which needs to juggle work and making sure I have enough times to check on their homeworks and making sure they eat..(my kids are picky eaters) I need to find an easy recipe which my kids love and doesn't take a chef to prepare:)

So, normally I just stock up a lot of San Remo La Pasta..it's very easy to prepare..1 pack can serve up to 4 people (small serving) so my kids can have a few rounds with just 1 pack

last weekend I prepared the Sour cream & chives pasta

The ingredients;
  • San Remo La Pasta (sour cream & chives)

  • Fresh milk (1 cup)

  • Butter

  • water (1 cup)

  • if you like, can add sausage or beef bacon


Pour the water and milk, stir..add on butter..once it melted..put in the pasta..if you like, you can also add in sausages and stir for about 8-10 minutes and ..

Keep stirring until the pasta turn soft...then it's ready to serve..


Lady of Leisure said...

tak pernah lagi masak pasta... i should try one fine day kan...

screamingmommy said...

lady ; u dah terrer masak..pasta ni pejam mata pun u boleh buat:)

ERMAYUM said...

suck betul internet office today berukband lagi gani tak berjaya kena re visit balik mlm ni
nampak senang u - pasta tu da ada seasoning ye? kita campak susu and butter ja ? gaya- gayanya cam my girls suka:)

screamingmommy said...

Ermayum : haa..haa biasa laa nowadays nama je broadband..kekadang performance mengalahkan dial up dulu:)

Pasta ni semua dah complete..just tambah butter, susu, air je beb:)


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