Monday, April 5, 2010

My secret revealed

I found this hillarious, when I started blogging in February I didnt tell anybody as I just want to remain anonymous..not even my husband..

But deep down I know this particular blog-hopper a.k.a my BFF will eventually found the blog as she's the avid follower of lady of leisure, ermayum (to name a few) so I know sooner or letter she will find mine...but I didnt hear her asking me so I guess..i just continue waiting..

But, i found it amazing, one Monday afternoon, she texted me on the phone when I was in the office feeling all miserable as I havent heard from the HR (remember my posting :click here ) "kau sedih ke? insyaAllah kalau ada rezeki, mesti dapat, kalau tak dapat tu maybe that is not a good place for you, apa2 ko call lah aku, my phone on silent mode, mak nak tidur kejap" (she's a SAHM) I felt so touched on earth she knows ..this must be the instinct of so called BFF...I even called my other friend (another BFF who's away in Kota Kinabalu) to tell her how amazing the incident... (I didnt get to tell her about my misery as it hit me on Friday and on weekends which we don't normally called each other on weekends unless we plan to meet up as we're one busy mom and wife;)

But....last saturday during our Meni & Pedi session..I jokingly told her I have a blog..then she responded.."tahuuuuu....!!!!" and I was like "what????????????????????????? you didnt even tell me???I was expecting you will tell" her reason..."ye laahh mana tahu..ko nak remain anonymous!"
laaa..I seriously thought our friendship has reached to a new level which you can just need to express your thoughts anymore..haa..haaa..with this, it means we need a few more levels to reach that telepathy stage..:)

No wonder..she knows I was miserable earlier..she read my blog:) But again I have to thank her for her effort to respect me wanted to be anonymous..but my life is an open book hence I wont be surprised to know my BFFs can immediately relate the posting to me based on the stories I shared here in my blog:) you (i know you will check my blog few times a day..ha..haaa..welcome and appreciate your honest feedback)


    Lady of Leisure said...

    hehehehe... i pun nak remain anonymous jugak sebab tu jarang letak pic, kalau ada pun sipi2 jer... :D yang banyaknya pic arri and molly.. bukan apa i rasa lebih senang nak berblog bila orang tak tahu kita siapa kan..

    screamingmommy said...

    Lady : yes agree, rasa bila being anonymous ni u can just express urself better:)

    hytrangeas said...

    i have known you more than what...10 years?? being good friend *wink wink* who respect her friend's feeling, give her time bcause i know when u feel better you definitely buzz n share with me, see! we have reached the telepathy stage what :P. its nothing to do w yr miserable article ok hehehe

    Keep on blogging dear, im yr No 1 fan/follower, am sure yr blog gonna go BIG one day!!!

    ERMAYUM said...

    i pun memula berangan gak nak stay belakang the scene heheh but tak tertahan gak nak tepek gambar anak hhehe

    screamingmommy said...

    Hytrangeas: hee..hee thanks beb:)

    Ermayum : ha..i try laa to be anonymous..tapi cam tak berjaya je:)

    Yummy Mummy said...

    Hi screamingmommy, I can so relate to your BFF hehe. I found out quite by accident the blog of a dear friend who I thought wanted to remain annon, so didn't tell her I knew her secret *wink*. But I did update on my FB, "I know your secret" cos I was just sooo excited hehe. I guess this happens a lot eyh?


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