Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unplanned pregnancy part 1

When I got married, both my husband and I planned to have only boys..no girls..(we thought raising girls nowadays are very challenging)..we waited at least a year before started a family, so when I was pregnant with my first one (after my 1st wedding anniversary), we were so hopeful it's going to be a boy.. so when my gynea confirmed it was a girl..we sort of thwarted:(

So the next year..I told my husband..if we have a boy, I'm going to stop having babies..we made a deal..then I got pregnant a year after...(didn't plan so immediate though...)

I suddenly felt very tired..came back after work, I just dozed off on the sofa couldn't do anything..so I told my husband.."if i'm not pregnant, I think I'm having a chronic desease or something that is fatal....so better hope I'm pregnant"

So I bought a pregnancy test..and waiting anxiosly.......hoping it's just a single line..all the symptoms were false....hoping and praying in the toilet,

but then..Allah has better plan.... taddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...double line showed up!!!....I froze for a moment..hoping it's a mistake...i was still in denial..so I went to a nearby clinic to get a doctor to confirm..the result came back...POSITIVE...huwaaaa!!!!!!
maannnnnnnn....I am pregnant.!!!!!.I started to panick..how on earth to tell my colleagues and friends..I'm pregnant again??? How my boss will react if she finds out..we have a high KPI to achieve..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I felt so embarassed..all sort of things came to my mind like "have u ever heard of family planning??" "are you a baby bearing machine??" "what were you thinking??" "ooo..so fertile laa you.." and I was like maluuuunyaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! almost hysterical....ohh..noooooooooooooo!!!!!!nehiii..nehiiii...!!!
Then after I get myself calmed..I called my husband.."Guess what????" I said.. and he responded "you are pregnant..yeeyyyyy" how on earth he can read my mind.."alaaaaaaaa....I'm not yet ready...poor allysha..she's going to have a baby brother while she still needs our undivided attention"
(very positive it's going to be a boy :))
Anyhow, I immediately bought the acid folic, waited until the 8th weeks to see the gynea..didnt tell anyone..keep the secret until i almost over my 1st trimester..I remembered my boss commented "hey I dont think having nasi lemak every morning is good you know..see you have gained so much weight.." darn..I was even more ambarassed..and out of no where I blurted out.."i'm pregnant laa..not fat"..

Come to think of it..what is it to be ambarassed..as if having child out of wedlock;))

To my dear babies..

it's not mommy doesnt want you..it's just that ...mommy was having a hormonal imbalance then..;)) no offense ya lallinggg;) and I dont regret a bit having you both..i wouldnt trade you for the world..or the pearls in the sea or the treasures in the kingdom..(ceewah bermadah pulak mommy..:)

until then..


zarin said...

hi dear!
nice reading ur story..heheh..i pun was hoping for a boy dulu tp dpt girl..anyway, happy jugak sbb boleh dress up cantik2 :-)

Lady of Leisure said...

hehehe... thanks for sharing... agree with zarin, baby girl ni boleh pakaikan cantik2... kalau boy, pakai seluar je lah all the time kan..

ERMAYUM said...

heheh betul beranak 2 kali setahun pun apa kisah bukan haram , halallllllll but iyala dalam zaman sekarang planning is important kan - money matters maa heheh - alhamdulillah kira i ni kira well plan la (perasan) 7 yr, 5 yeras and 2 years and closed shop heheheh- you go girl - nanti twin da 3 years u start next production k kalu tak nak bagi i jaga heheh (just kidding):)

screamingmommy said...

Zarin : Yes, sometimes, peringatan untuk kita dari Allah, dia tahu yg terbaik:)

Lady : Yesssaa..by now I'm glad sgt dpt girls..esp bab2 shopping baju diorg

Ermayum: Wow..very good planning:) that's what i planned dulu kasi gap sikit so takde laa hidup kelam kelibut cam I..he..hee:)

TK said...

Hi! found you from Ermayum. I like your blog template. Ada one of my blogger friends in UK pkai exactly the same template.Anyway, rezeki anak jgn ditolak. I only have 2 kids. Menyesal dulu tak beranak ramai2 earlier. I wish I could turn back time and beranak sepuluh! Now dah x subur. I'll add you to my bloglist.

screamingmommy said...

TK : sorry beb..baru perasan ur comment:) anyway i curi template from shabbblogs.com..he..hee
ramai yg cakap..jgn bising anak ramai..rezeki tu..:)


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